Saturday, June 02, 2007

ah, the woman who donated the size 8 Linea Paolo black leather ankle-strap pumps to the Goodwill in Keller Texas - did she have any idea how much fun i'd have in them? this week i went out dancing with Angela. for my far-flung friends who don't know who Angela is, she is my youngest brothers ex-girlfriend. they've been broken up for i can't remember how long, but the rest of the family liked her enough to keep her. she's nine years younger than me, but we get along smashingly (she's mature, i'm immature) and about every six months i get to escape from at-home-Mama prison and we go out for some fun. last time we went to Goth Karaoke - Ground Control, somewhere in LA. it was awesome! i sang the White Stripes "My Doorbell" and "Love Cats" by the Cure.

this time we went to Blue Mondays, an 80's club on Cherokee in Hollywood. Ah, freakshow. The fun level fluctuated, but all in all it was great. our attention was grabbed by a guy who was obviously into Morrissey; he had the semi-crew-cut and wore a polo shirt tucked into belted grey pants. the songs he danced to gave him away. Angela's take was that he was either extremely clean-cut or that he did an awful lot of drugs. we watched him for a while, mainly out of amusement & curiosity. he liked to get up on the platforms & dance, and seemed quite irritated when the DJ played Guns 'n Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" which of course Angela and i rocked out to. we're trashy like that. as we left i blew him a kiss, just to see what his reaction would be. he seemed quite surprised. i hope he took it as flattery.

there were other intriguing characters there - the guy in suit pants, dress shirt, tie & tie clip who stood on the dance floor but really didn't dance. the gal who looked like a 12-year-old boy in a white polo, plaid shorts, and white tennies - my first thought was "how did a kid get in here?" i actually didn't realize she was a woman until i saw her go into the ladies' room with her date. The place was also odiously overrun with hipsters - everybody with that same sally-hershberger-meets-joan-jett haircut, oodles of tattoos, and black skinny jeans. the place was such a sauna i would have died in tight jeans. i was in a skirt and t-shirt and i had to go the ladies room every 20 minutes to wet down my hair so i wouldn't come down with heatstroke.

and so goes my first fascinating blog entry. this blog is intended primarily to keep my far-flung friends moderately updated on our lives, and not really to entertain random strangers. next post will be about our most recent family backpacking trip!

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