Thursday, September 06, 2007

i cannot stop obsessing about real estate.

somebody is spamming Craigslist with offers to take over their mortgage payments on a house in the "Melrose" area of Mission Viejo. they've posted the same ad at least three times in the last two days. i hate to be so coldhearted, but give me a break. they don't even mention an amount, which makes me assume that they bought it for way too much and with an ARM, and are now desperate to get out of the loan because the payments are too high.

then there is the fug-ugly fixer that needs pretty much everything fixed. carpet, floors, bathrooms, kitchen, yard... it even has a nasty-looking empty pool. and they are asking 575k! what kind of drugs are these people on, and where can i get some? when the market finally and utterly tanks, this is the kind of house that we would make a vicious lowball offer on. it looks disgusting.

and neither of these ads give an address. i DESPISE ads or listings that keep the address secret. hello, location is everything, right? and another thing i'm noticing is that most listings that are under 500k but above 400k are keeping very quiet about whether or not they are detached or attached. most of them are still attached, but i think anybody in this market who is asking above 400k for an attached home is C-R-A-Z-Y.

sigh... looked at a 3/2 rental last night in the Wilderness Glen area of Mission Viejo. it was all dolled up like it was for sale; i wonder if they just got tired of waiting & decided to rent it out. Dan liked it, i was intimidated by it (too perfect, too clean), and there are no shade trees at all in the yard. decent views from the yard, though. arrrgh, i don't know what to do!

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