Monday, September 17, 2007

Still no news on vacancy dates for the possible rental. That's OK, i can be patient for the right house. I'm already writing up fantasy lists for what we'll do when we have a garage and a yard. Now i just need to find a pre-1991 Suburban 4x4 diesel. One step closer to conquering the world.

I start guitar class this week. It's offered through the school district's adult education program. I was torn between taking beginning sewing or guitar. The idea of me taking beginning sewing is kind of funny, since I've sewed tents, down backpacking quilts and even two down jackets, but the truth is I have no idea how to sew normal everyday clothing. A shirt? With buttons? Huh? I was looking at Cynthia's blog and she has the danged cutest apron on there, and I'm incapable of sewing that. But at least I can show you pictures of the mega-projects I sewed this year, here on my Flickr page. Hmm, no pictures of the down jackets.

Back to my guitar class. It's an acoustic class, but the secret dark and horrible truth is that I want to play an electric guitar. I want to crunch it and make it squeal. Target is putting their guitar stuff on clearance and I am watching for the right price point. I already grabbed a chorus pedal for $19 (half off!). I want this guitar. Yup, I want a pink glitter electric guitar. And then I want pink glitter hair. And to live in Tokyo and be in an all-girl J-punk band.

I have a date with Stephen tomorrow night. I haven't seen him in over a year! We're going to see Sinead O'Connor, if you can believe that. I feel a terrible impulse to go get my hair done. Going to L.A. makes me feel mousy.


Stephanie said...

Hey beautiful!

You are truly amazing. If you can sew gussets and grommets, there is no reason in the world why you couldn't sew a shirt. Get thee to a fabric store and find a simple pattern (Labeled easy to sew - don't start with Vogue or Butterick) and follow the instructional pictures. If you want to be a seamstress, take the classes. If you just want to sew, you already have the skills. Love you George!!

liannallama said...

oh, rock on! I love her--you will have fun; mousy or no!

And I'm the first fan of your J-Punk band! I was really hoping to come back from Japan with some cool J-punk imports, but it was just as much $$ to buy it there--sigh!

colleeeen said...

George, i love you too. sorry the fair didn't work out. clothes are a lot more intimidating than gear.

llamallady, i'm disheartened to hear j-punk is pricey there, too. oh well. but once my faux band is together (need to find some fellow poser bandmates) i'll give you a free EP. ;)