Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stephen and i had our little date last night and it was great to see him again. who's next, my far-flung friends?

Since i have no available husband on Tuesday nights i took the boys up to my parents' house and then took the Metrolink into the city. $7.50 for a one-way but i didn't have to drive or pay to park the car so it's worth every bleeding penny. And Union Station is soooo lovely. Stephen picked me up as I wandered along Alameda and we had dinner at Phillippe's. S had never eaten there before and it had been years for me so we were bumbling idiots at the counter. Stephen was very upset that the beef dip comes pre-dipped and said insincerely horrible things about the person who suggested Phillippe's. "I am a priss about food," was his explanation. I agree though - I'd forgotten how the bread turns into a soggy mess. This was my allotment of beef for the week, though, so I mostly enjoyed it. S really liked the row of old-school phone booths in the place, and I like the very simple, unadorned design of the place. it's very straightforward, with no artifice.

From simple and unadorned, we then drove to the Orpheum to see Ms. O'Connor sing. Wow, the Orpheum is quite a gem. It is all 1920's luxe - marble walls, fantastically ornate Deco-ish chandeliers, real velvet curtains, buttresses, carved support beams, gold-painted plaster ornamentation, box seats perched right at the edges of the elaborate paneled golden proscenium.... it was a feast for the eyes.

I have already forgotten the opener's name, but he seemed like a painfully sincere young Irish fellow. He had a song actually titled "I'm Never Going to Let Your Negative Thoughts and Vibes Penetrate to My Psyche." It was sung as if he was Bob Marley. Some of his other songs were quite nice (no more reggae vibes) and again I must emphasize how SINCERE he was. there was no irony, no pith, just sad hopeful songs.

I confess I did not understand how big a fan Stephen is of Ms. Sinead. She is quite a fine singer and did some of her hits, which S says she rarely does. Her musicians were very good and there was kind of a rocking "wall of sound" effect. No, I will not digress onto Phil Spector. Ye Gods! Now I have to dig out the two albums of hers that I own and re-listen. I recall that i liked "Am I Not Your Girl" quite a bit.

Stephen drove me home like a bat out of hell (I'm that horrible obnoxious old woman who determinedly maintains the speed limit) and I had an awesome time. We play well off of each other and I am somehow wittier when we are together. Stephen! when are we going out again?


liannallama said...

oh, I'm jealous! Those are the tastiest sandwiches! Yummy!

I love your description of the concert--sounds like fun and you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

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