Monday, October 08, 2007

Friday, October 5th, my baby sister Christine gave birth to her second child, Samuel Thompson. I realize now that I never asked what his middle name is. She went out to Kaiser in Fontana for her weekly checkup and was dilated to 6 already, so they admitted her even though she couldn't even feel her contractions. She stuck at 6 for a few hours and they finally put her on a Pitocin drip, mainly because it was Friday night and she didn't want to drive all the way back to Chino to wait it out and then end up having the baby in the car in Friday night traffic. Funny thing is, once real labor struck she moved along so quickly there was no time for an epidural and she unintentionally gave birth without one. She said it hurt like crazy.

as for us, we're moving. packing, folding, sorting, chucking, sweating, occasionally cursing. fun!

complicating matters, Paul woke up this morning vomiting. now i have to keep him and Eli segregated, keep packing, and get a few carloads over to the new house. This will unfortunately involve lots of television. The boys like to watch Thomas the Tank Engine videos, which thankfully I find very sweet and gentle and entirely appropriate for their ages. Eli in particular is obsessed with trains and insists on carrying them everywhere he goes. Eli is extremely talkative for his age, 27 months, and argues with me and attempts to put me in time out when I do something he considers naughty. My naughtiness usually involves telling him no, or punishing him for bad behaviour. "Don't you dare, Mama Clemens!" He will say, and wiggle his finger at me. "That's not funny, you naughty Mama!"

Dad is coming down to help me today. I've found a nice stove on Craigslist that I'm going to buy to replace the grotty old stove in the Baja House, which is what I'm calling it. I know he's going to think the house is horrible, but he doesn't have to live in it. I think he may bring his chainsaw to help me hack out the Rosebush That Would Eat The World. That's in The backyard of the Baja House. It will probably fill 20+ lawn bags.


Stephanie said...

You always seem to have a lot going on when someone gives birth!! Congrats to Chrissy!

I loved your story about Eli - that is VERY talkative for a 27 month old. Annie's barely talking that much and she's 3.5 years old!

Good luck with the move. I love that you named your house!! I hope it turns out to be a good move for all of you.

cyn the win said...

I too was born at Kaiser in Fontana so Christine's baby is destined for great things, naturally.

I need to name my house. It's the one and only craftsman style home in my neighborhood. So maybe I should call it my Pasadena Bungalow.