Tuesday, October 02, 2007

holyfreakingcow. last night we were arguing gently about the rental house (well, i admit i was kind of steamed), and to bolster my argument that most houses are quite expensive to rent, i picked up the Pennysaver and began reading out rental ads. I admit that I am not always convinced that God is an interventionist, but there was an ad in there for a 3/2/2 for $2k a month. So of course I called. I got Jeff The Landlord on the phone and it turned out he was at the house last night and the location is close to where we want to be, so we popped in the car and went over to check it out.

Wow, what a house. The outgoing tenants had at least three large dogs, possibly four, so the house had that sort of unkept doggy aura that makes everything seem just a bit dingy. However, we could overlook that for the highly unusual layout of the main portion of the house. It was one big room, with the open kitchen smack dab in the middle of everything. The floor is saltillo tile. The whole feel of the place is "American expatriate in Baja." The kitchen window is a french door flipped on its side and hinged at the top so it can open up (there's a hook to hold it open). There's a tiled shelf/bar outside the window. The cabinets are louvered pine - again sort of that rustic Mexican look.

One "bedroom" is really only suitable for use as an office, which is fine because that's what it's going to be. It's small and has double french doors that open out into the main living space. The total effect is LOTS of open interior space. Arranging the furniture is going to be challenging.

The master bedroom has one extremely strange wall. It's Flintstones-esque in that it sort of looks like it was made from large flat rocks that were then painted over. But there's a great bay window with a very slight view of the Saddleback (which is what Modjeska peak & Santiago peak are referred to as), and the closets take up one entire wall from floor to ceiling. They're frigging huge. There is an en-suite bathroom which is small, but since we have no master bath in our current home it's an improvement.

The smaller bedroom is un-noteworthy, with a good-sized closet and a parquet floor. There is another small bathroom outside of it, and it looks as though the previous tenants mostly took showers - I swear there was a cobweb in it. The bathrooms also have that rustic mexican look - kind of like a bathroom at an El Torito, but not quite as flashy.

The lot is triangular and the house is set so that it kind of bisects the back yard into a side yard and a true back yard. The side yard is mostly a big concrete slab, which will be excellent for parties. The yard backs onto the Aliso Creek channel, but the side yard is not fenced yet. Jeff swears it will be fenced within one month, and has agreed to put up a temporary barricade to keep the boys from getting over there.

So today I went back and looked at it in daylight and we're going to go for it. I gave him the security deposit and we are tentatively scheduled to start moving in on Saturday. I am in barely contained panic mode right now, since we've given him money. I have an irrational fear that he's a scam artist and doesn't really own the house and we just gave him $2000 that we'll never see again, but I know that's just my innate tendency towards paranoia. There's nothing that would indicate that's the case. And yet I feel like I'm going to throw up.

I should stop blogging and start packing. It seems we're going to move!


liannallama said...

SATURDAY! Wow! That's a lot of packing to do! Hope everything goes well!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on finding something! It sounds like exactly what you've been looking for - minus the El Torito influence. Open floor plans are always difficult to place furniture, but it gives you a lot more option.

Yea for Saturday!

Good luck!