Friday, October 19, 2007

i am not going to talk about moving, except to say that we may have a tenant, thanks to my sis-in-law Luanna. i am on pins & needles waiting for them to call me.

no, what i am going to talk about is that today i did not drive the car. anywhere. i walked Paul to school. then Eli and i walked to the farmer's market at the Laguna Hills Mall. then we walked home, walked to get Paul at school, i attended a Spanish for Parents class at school (remember, Paul goes to Kinder in Spanish), then we walked home. that is the sum total of our away-from-home adventures for today. i feel so crunchy and green. now if i could just find a secondhand bathroom cabinet on craigslist, i would be an enviro-saint. ha.

Dan is gone tonight, an unfortunate result of his being our ward's Scoutmaster. on these nights i hate the BSA and fantasize about desecrating the grave of Lord Baden-Powell. they are ocean fishing tonight and tomorrow morning. i'm half whining because *I* want to go!!

since i'm talking about church callings, i think i mentioned that i am Primary Chorister. all of my LDS friends can please stop laughing now. for my non-LDS friends, this means that i lead the children's singing time at church. the annual Primary Program is coming up on October 28th and i have blissfully decided to totally stop worrying about it. i have taught the kids the songs; either they sing them or they don't. i'm not going to waste another minute worrying about it. i have had this calling for a year now and although i was stricken with horror when they first asked me i have actually come to like it. there's only one colossal snot; the other snots are nothing but show and pretense - they secretly like me. i don't talk down to them, i try to make them laugh, and i think they respond to honesty very well.

we had our first program rehearsal last Sunday, when the younger and older kids sang together for the first time, and i was pleasantly surprised at how well they did. i have told them that i expect them to act like a choir should and many of them are responding to that. it'll all be fine.

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cyn the win said...

your calling is my worst nightmare because i am mean to kids i don't like. and i'm not embarrassed to admit that. :) cynthia