Monday, October 01, 2007

Last week was crazy-busy. HOA meeting Monday , Boy Scouts Tuesday , baby shower Wednesday, guitar class Thursday, then Dan & I had one of our semiannual mini-vacations. Mom took the boys for Friday & Saturday night.

My guitar classes are fun. The teacher is a nice, vaguely hippie grandmother who was born in England but has somewhat lost the dialect, causing her current way of speaking to be non-American, but not terribly British either. She's very relaxing and makes me feel at ease and not at all stupid, which is very good. The pink electric guitar finally hit a price point I was comfortable with, so I bought it as a Christmas present to myself. Paul revealed it to Dan last night, but I don't feel very guilty about it because Dan just bought himself a laptop that cost WAAAY more than my piddling little Target guitar.

Friday night we went to Knotts Halloween Haunt, which we hadn't been to since before we had kidlets. I used to work Haunt years ago, and all going to it did was make me want to go back and work it again. Gads, it's so much more fun to be a monster. It's still early in the Haunt and either the mazes are understaffed this year or the monsters just haven't figured out the best scaring strategies. The creepiest maze was probably the one based on The Grudge (a movie i'll never see), but the Doll Factory was a pretty close second. The Grudge maze had hairy faceless creatures and for some reason that really creeped me out. Plus i'm a total Japanophile. The Doll Factory had this one girl dressed as a rag doll - she had in black contact lenses and she moved like a clockwork toy and was most wonderfully creepy. I give her the gold medal for Best Haunt Performance of the night.

We got the hotel package for Haunt and so we stayed at the Knotts Resort Hotel. NOT RECOMMENDED. First, they put us in the kid/family wing without bothering to tell us. Our room's walls were covered with Snoopy & Woodstock. If Charlie Brown had been on the walls I would have asked for our money back. The room was OK, but the bathtub drain wouldn't close and the showerhead was, um, multi-directional. In not all the right directions. The hotel restaurant is called Amber Waves (as in "amber waves of grain), but their oatmeal was the most awful stuff I've ever had. It was like oatmeal soup. I complained very politely and sent it back, and got my cocoa for free also.

Once Dan finally woke up we checked out and got breakfast at Po'Folks. Fan-fugu-tastic. Their biscuits are freakin' huge and crumbly, and my veggie omelet was delicious. We ate like gluttons and then decided not to go to Catalina Island but instead to go to the climbing gym for a few hours, rent some movies and just stay home. Which we did. Man, my forearms still hurt. We rented an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Stranger Than Fiction, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. We really, really enjoyed Stranger Than Fiction and didn't get around to Super Ex.

This morning we looked at the rental house. It's sub-optimal, but then i've already blogged about what you get when you rent cheap. However, the rent seems to be flexible and we are tempted to say if they'll drop it by $100 a month then we'll move in ASAP. Again, it's the kind of landlord who won't bother to come and fix a busted drawer, but we are welcome to plant trees, have a vegetable garden, and probably paint the fugly kitchen cabinets. I think I want it just because I am so danged sick of talking about renting a house but then never doing it.

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Stephanie said...

I just went to Target and saw your beautiful, glittery guitar. That is some guitar! It suits you perfectly.

I'm glad you like your teacher - it makes a big difference. She sounds so amazingly eccentric, but I tend to like amazingly eccentric people. I'm trying to find one around here - but I'm not interested in the pink glitter. I just want to be able to sing songs around a campfire.

Love your guts!