Thursday, October 18, 2007

moving is hell and i don't recommend it to anyone. no matter how bad your house is, no matter how many inconveniences you must endure to live in it, it is better than moving. maybe, maybe, MAYBE lead paint or poison drinking water might make moving a good idea. but at least with poison water you could just get Sparkletts delivered.

i alternate between believing i am an idiot or a genius. the "new" house, as we have lapsed into calling it, is a work in progress. we could have rented a perfectly maintained house for $2500 a month and not have had to deal with all this crap (dirty house, wild yard, a dumpster's worth of abandoned junk). But i figure that in another month most of this will be cleaned up and then we will still be paying only $2k a month. that's $6k a year we save by enduring a little bit of aggravation.

the "old" house is getting patched up and painted. we have not listed it for rent yet but that should happen within the next few days. we still have crap shoved into the closets, which is endlessly depressing to me. we own WAAAAY too much junk and i am almost powerless to chuck it. i am the child of two pack rats and i am genetically and emotionally programmed to hoard. seriously, getting rid of things is painful and overwhelming to me, but i do feel liberated and slightly exhilarated when i do say "this thing is leaving me now." i feel weighed down by my possessions. i hope this move will help me purge.

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liannallama said...

oh, honey! I HATE moving too! When we moved here it took me over a year to unpack our last box! Sigh!

I am also a horrible packrat and I get sick to my stomach if I get rid of too many things at once. Oh, I hate being this way!