Monday, November 26, 2007

survived Thanksgiving. how did you do? our tenants have signed the rental agreement and paid rent. yippee! they will not move in until next weekend, so i still need to do the final cleaning on the place. but it's 99% ready and any tasks i may have left are tiny.

now i must turn my focus to "our" house. the heater may be a carbon monoxide hazard. the windows need screens. the water heater pipes leak (not so much a problem for us, but the tank is beginning to rust out on top). I have been able to focus on smaller issues, such as the need for curtains. i have been making do with tablecloths hung on poles, but makeshift gets annoying after a while. i sewed some incredibly nice Japanese-style curtains for the boys' room, which were desperately needed, but i can't share any pictures because our camera died.

in April, D and i will have been married thirteen years. good gosh we are so old. i've decided that we are going to have a massive anniversary party. lucky thirteen, right? so you're invited. and pretty much everybody we know or have ever known will be invited. it's going to be insane. i'll be warning the neighbors on the other side of the creek. hopefully we will have the junk cleaned out of the yards and they will be prettied up decently. i'm confident i can do it cheaply. because i'm just naturally cheap.

in my fantasy life, i have found my new sofa. our current sofa is older than our marriage. it's served us nobly and faithfully, and i can't stand it's style. i want this one. i normally hate blue, but this is such a cheery, perky blue that my defenses weakened. we made our annual pilgrimage to IKEA last saturday and i sat on it and it is glorious. D did not approve, however. he thinks it is flimsy. his maddening practicality!

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