Friday, November 16, 2007

ugh, lists. have to make 'em, they're the only way i get anything done. what's your list? here's mine:

1. Get townhouse finished up (renters move in next week).
a. nail trim in bathroom door
b. hang all curtains (fix rods & sew kitchen curtain)
c. figure out how on earth i'm going to get the washer & dryer moved back
d. febreze the stairs - they stink for some reason
e. caulk shower stall & fixtures
f. re-seal the kitchen counter
g. paint wall patch (left a hole when we ripped out the banister)
h. clean the holy heck out of the place
i. pray nothing else needs to be done

2. Clean up the "new" house
a. hack out more overgrown and semi-dead vegetation
b. rent a dumpster for dead vegetation & former tenants' junk (anybody need some marijuana pipes?)
c. wash the walls (yeah, ick)
d. assemble a hazardous waste drop-off (or does anybody need a beaker of mercury? we've got one!)

3. Unpack and get settled in
a. i could use the entire alphabet

4. Pay more attention to the kidlets

5. Catch up on all my d*mned sewing projects
a. an adult solo backpacking quilt
b. family backpacking tent (will be similar to this)
c. play tipi for backyard
d. more baby slings (women just keep getting pregnant)
e. stuffed animals for X-mas gifts (stripey giraffes & elephants, hooray!)
f. frigging enormous canvas shade awning that i hope my machine can handle

6. Survive X-mas
a. C family gifts were bought last year - hell yeah!
b. find a used bike for me (D is on his own)
c. sew them stuffed animals (see 5a)
d. K family gift exchange has been reduced to kids only & books only (thank you G*d, only 2 gifts to buy)

ohh the overwhelming hideous mundanity of it all.

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