Monday, November 12, 2007

we have tenants. they are a young, fresh-faced, nice-smelling couple who have only been married for a little over a year. the wife is 5.5 months pregnant, which is eerily similar to us when we moved into the place. They are so nice I wish we could lower the rent, but as it is we are barely breaking even. they move in Thanksgiving weekend.

there are a few more landlordy-type things i need to finish up at the old place, but at least now the feeling of frantic panic has subsided. it only flares up when i think too hard about the local and national economies. everybody, get your food storage in order. i know i'm prone to panic, but ugly economic times appear to be coming.

see how i have to balance all good news with a little gloom & doom? i'm so much fun to live with.


liannallama said...

hey! Take a photo of your remodeled kitchen/dining areas before they move in! I'd love to know what they look like!

colleeeen said...

absolutely! i already have some pictures, i can either put them up here ("My $10k Kitchen Remodel") or just email 'em to ya. it looks REALLY nice, i kinda miss my pretty kitchen.

Stephanie said...

Yea for the tenants!! I'm glad they smell good! And it's a good sign that she's pregnant, it means they will take care of the place for you.

Love you!