Thursday, December 20, 2007

O kitchen, my kitchen

Lianna, the greatest roommate the world has ever known, requested that I share some before and after pictures of our townhouse kitchen. Lianna only ever knew it as a sad beige place with lots of crap left out on the counters and many dirty dishes in the sink (courtesy of my poor housekeeping skills). As it is likely going to be featured on the LA Times' remodeling blog soon (they like guest features), i'll share a sneak preview with my loyal readers (that would be all five or so of you).

Here you will find the sad before pictures and the glossy, well-staged after pictures. The main reason that the counters are not covered in junk and dirty dishes is because we had already moved out at this point and i staged it for pictures to put in the rental ad. Alas, my beautiful kitchen, which i miss very much, is now being loved by somebody else. Enjoy it, Ryan and Rossy!


Stephanie said...

Amazing!! It's beautiful - I love how you did up the cabinets and those counters are divine! How long did it take you to do it?

colleeeen said...

the kitchen was un-usable for about three weeks total. we did the demo (which was super fun) and painted the cabinets ourselves. Dad primed the cabinets (he needed an excuse to buy a paint sprayer) and helped us install the sink. it really wasn't that bad, although in the thick of it i was probably pretty stressed out.