Monday, January 21, 2008

23 hours of AZ

if ever i needed additional proof that i am not 18 anymore, last weekend was it. we flew to Phoenix Friday night, landed at roughly 7 pm, socialized until 2 pm Saturday (we slept roughly 6.5 hours sometime as well), got in the "new" 1989 GMC Diesel 4x4 Suburban, drove back to CA, and were home in south OC by 9 pm or so. astonishingly, we did not fall asleep immediately upon arrival home.

it was a great weekend and was marred only by the fact that it wasn't long enough and that the phone # i have for Nicole is no longer working. So i got to see almost everybody i wanted to see, save Nikki. We stayed with my cousin Don, his wife Lee, and their three awesome kids. They are such a cool bunch and i hate that we don't live closer or keep in better touch. Don actually checked out the Suburban for us, since it was for sale in Mesa. then he bought it for us as our agent (which involved me waiting outside the bank last Saturday morning so that i could deposit $1500 cash into his account ASAP) and held it at his house until we could come pick it up. THEN he picked us up at the airport, bought us Vietnamese dinner, and hung out with us until after midnight. You don't get much better friendship than that.

saturday morning we got up at 7 to go meet Stephanie & Carl for breakfast in Phoenix. we were groggy, but it was beyond great to see them both again, and at the same time! i feel a level of comfort in their company that i rarely feel anywhere else. the conversation was a mix of re-hashing memories and updating each other on current events. Stephanie's husband John (who we also went to high school with) came, as did their daughter Annie. Lora (Carl's wife) and their six kids did not come, and I can hardly blame them for not doing so, as it would have been a long drive for them, and a very early hour. Carl has a Saturday job and we met him at the IHOP next door to it. Afterwards we went back to Don & Lee's house and hung out with them until 2:00 or so. the time flew by.

I typed a little bit about Stephanie before, and now i will type a bit about Carl. We met in summer school, in art class. i was a spectacularly lousy student in high school, so of course i had to make up multiple credits. my "very special friend" James had managed to get into summer school with me as well, and we spent most of the time mooning over each other and making art to give to each other. I dismissed Carl as a crazy long-haired hessian who owned too many Anthrax t-shirts. But then one Sunday we spotted him in the foyer at the Chino Stake Center! Somehow we struck up a conversation and before i knew it i had one of my best high school friends. Carl and i ditched school together (yeah we were model LDS youth) and engaged in constructive behaviour like setting things on fire in his bedroom. we were also in drama together and laughed ourselves sick an awful lot. i wish i had kept a better diary, we had so much fun together. Carl was instrumental in getting me romantically involved with Daniel as well - i sought out his advice and he very seriously told me he thought Dan was a great guy and i couldn't go wrong in dating him. So thanks Carl! i owe you more than you know.

as for the Suburban, i really feel that for $145o we got a bargain, even with the cost of the plane tickets and the gas to get it back to CA. there is some body rust and it could use a new paint job, but it runs great, the interior is in surprisingly good condition and everything seems to work as it should. the one funny discover we've made is that it was originally a tailgate model, but somebody swapped out the tailgate for barn doors. So right now we can't lock the rear doors (different lock), but hopefully that can be fixed. next step is to get it registered in CA and get the conversion done so it can run on vegetable oil. we'll probably go with a Lovecraft-style conversion since we live in CA and don't really need to worry about sub-freezing temperatures.

yee haw! domestically-grown fuel, here we come!


liannallama said...

oh, Colleen! What a funny cat eulogy you wrote for Random! I am LOL and teary-eyed at the same time! Thanks!

samandholly said...

Let's not forget the copious amounts of flannel worn by Carl (and me, sad to admit) in high school. Remembering, of course, that we lived in sunny southern California.

colleeeen said...

yeah, the flannel made about as much sense as all the black velvet i wore pretty much year-round.

remember driving Gertie through Carbon Canyon? it's a miracle we're all still alive.

Stephanie said...

Do you remember the song we made up about "Mr. Tampax?"

We set it to the "Mr. Sandman" song, and everytime I hear that song I think . . .

"Mr. Tampax, bring me a pad . . .
. . . make it the thickest that I've ever had!"

Hoo boy - I think my face is turning red just thinking about it.

And YOU were Shangatung. I only know that because Kandamoomoo is a much cooler name that you made up and gave to me.

Patricia said...

Trisha, here.

Hey! Are you referring to Carl Westphal? He was such a nice guy! I remember all of us would get kicked out of youth or young adult dances together for dancing too wildly. What fun! Ooooooh, we were so rebelious. Yep, model LDS youth, he he he!

I love that you are going to get the suburban to run on veggie oil. How cool is that? How will you accomplish it, though? It sounds like it will be quite a process.

colleeeen said...

ah yes, our vulgar menstruation humor. we were young, and the taboo is always so much funnier when one is young. hey, Shangottung (which is how it is spelled in one of the high-school era notes i have saved) is a pretty cool name. very Germanic.

colleeeen said...

yes, carl westphal! can you believe he has 6 kids now and #7 on the way? i'm only missing a few people now to complete the jigsaw puzzle of our adolescent circle of friends. anybody know how to get a hold of Jeff Curtis? oh crap! i've never invited Rhonda to come visit here! well, i'm off to fix THAT.