Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Quit!

My job, that is. I just could not make it work, and Eli hated hated hated it. So I'm off the hook, and I learned what a funny guy Brother D (my ex-boss) actually is. I liked working for him, but the job made nothing but trouble for me. Well, it also made me $900, which should cover the costs of converting the Suburban to run on vegetable oil.

Speaking of the 'burban, it is now legally registered in CA. Two horrible hours at the DMV with Eli. I need Valium. Or maybe Eli needs it. Now we just have to call around to the local converters and decide who we're going with. I am disheartened that whoever runs Greendiesel doesn't seem to return phone calls or emails, but maybe he's out of town or something. He's not the only game in SoCal, so I'll try one more time and then move on to somebody else.

Yesterday we went on a hike of the San Juan Loop. We stopped at the mid-point for snacks and Eli insisted on walking (instead of riding in the child carrier). He did much, much more than I expected him to and kept a surprisingly good pace. He was very proud of himself and kept saying "I'm hiking outside of the backpack!" Paul was excellent as well, with absolutely no whining and a very solid pace. He loooves to drink water from a hydration bladder with a tube, and polished off at least a liter on this hike. Eli loves it too - if you ever have trouble getting your kids to drink enough, let them drink out of a bladder tube. They'll guzzle it. The weather was PERFECT - clouded over, cool and mildly windy. We didn't see a single mountain biker and very few other hikers. Afterward, we went over to the Ortega Oaks Candy Store, only to hear the sad news that the store was closing and this was its last weekend. The employees said the store would re-open, but under new management and they had no idea when, or what direction the store would be taking. We will miss the hand-made goodies, baked goods and the BEST chicken salad I have ever tasted.

Oh, and remember Brother X, who used to teach the "manual optional" church classes? I invited him and his wife to dinner this week. I used to have a project going where I would invite somebody we didn't know as well as we wanted to over to dinner, but I let it die. I've been wanting to re-start it, and the X's are excellent candidates.

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cyn the win said...

Colleen, yes, I haven't posted in a while because, as my mom says, "I am so busy I could scream." I keep thinking, oh I should blog about this, well,, so much for good intentions.

CAn you really run a car on veg oil? Good for you!

I'm jealous about the hike. The hiking we can do right now is snow shoeing. Patty actually took my daughter Ilene on a snow shoe hike a couple of weeks ago. She's good, I'm not.

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