Friday, January 11, 2008

Tag, I'm It?

hmmm, it seems Stephanie has tagged me. For those of you who may read this and do not know who Stephanie is, she was/is one of my greatest friends of adolescence. We are not in regular communication, except through our blogs, but we have a great deal of love for each other. She was there for me during my excruciatingly painful first love and for that she will always hold a place of great esteem in my heart. I don't know if this "tagging" business is a blog thing, or an email thing that has gone blog, or some sort of Relief Society tool gone wrong, but what the heck - Stephanie is one of the roughly five people that read this, so i will accept. Seven random things you may or may not know about me.

1. I have a homemade tattoo. I used to self-mutilate in high school & young adulthood, and one time i thought "What would happen if I rubbed some india ink in it?" What happened is that I have a vaguely blue scar that I have to explain every time a doctor sees me half-naked. Since our insurance changes just about every year, that's been a lot of doctors.

2. I've always wanted to go to Iran. I read Richard Halliburton's Second Book of Marvels: the Orient as a little girl and it pretty much ruined me. If I had been born male I would almost certainly have lived a very different life, but I had too much fear drilled into me about being a single female traveling around, and too much responsibility for others drilled into me as well. But I've always wanted to go to the Mysterious East and travel the deserts and the mountains. Obviously political and economical changes have occurred since Mr. Halliburton ventured into the Orient, and so even though the place still calls me i am afraid to go.

3. I'm kind of afraid of snow. Not all snow; I'm afraid of deep snow and snowstorms in the high mountains. That kind of stuff kills people! Being raised exclusively in the dry southwest didn't help much.

4. My most selfish and vain desires are: to have some sort of skin-smoothing chemical treatment done on my acne scarring, to get some unwanted hair lasered off, or to get really good hair extensions. My hair is dense and fine, and I can't do a dang thing with it. But those are all vain wastes of money.

5. I have Pica. My favorite smell is the smell of wet concrete or dirt, just as it's beginning to rain and sometimes the smell lasts even after the rain has stopped. I love it and my body tells me "Eat that!" But I can't exactly get down and lick the ground. I know I'm almost certainly iron deficient (apparently this is the #1 cause of Pica) and have been trying to remember to take my daily vitamins. But still the desire to eat clay or cement or whatever continues and occasionally drives me to distraction. Yup, I know it's weird.

6. I've had hypothermia. I got it while attempting to cross through Donohue Pass on our ill-fated attempt at hiking the John Muir Trail, back in 2003. We got caught in a hail/sleet storm, i got soaked to the skin, and was shivering uncontrollably within 10 minutes. Dan totally saved my life - got me stripped, got warm food into me, and kept me warm all night as i shivered.

7. I'm a heretic. A loyal heretic, but heretic nonetheless. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I'll almost certainly never be called to teach Gospel Doctrine at church. We have this one guy in our ward (we'll call him Brother X) who used to be one of the GD teachers. He would never stick to the the manual, and he gave these lessons that were so totally outside the range of what you typically get in our church - esoteric, philosophical, cross-referenced with obscure sources. I LOVED it. But people would grumble about it, and one deliciously hard-nosed old lady said "He's on the path to Hell and he's bringing us along with him." He isn't assigned to the GD class anymore, but still occasionally teaches in priesthood, and Dan comes home to tell me all the things people muttered about him during the lesson. He knows it makes me laugh and laugh. I've never really talked with Brother X, so I don't think he knows I'm sympathetic. We may have completely different opinions & takes, not be the same kinds of heretics at all, but I'm always sympathetic toward my fellows. I think God is big enough to handle differences of opinion - it all gets sorted out in the end.

Gads, that was hard. I'm not going to tag anybody, because I don't like to perpetuate internet phenomenons, and because I'm not sure that many people actually read this, anyway. I'll just close by saying we have found the diesel suburban we've been looking for. it's in Mesa AZ and my wonderful cousin Don is buying it for us. We'll fly out to Phoenix next Friday night (are you reading this, Steph?) and pick it up.


Stephanie said...

I love that you did this! I'm so ready for you to come here! callmecallmecallmecallme!!

Stephanie said...

Did I ever tell you that I ran into James and his beautiful wife and kids at church in California?? He's still turned heads (it might have been the uniform he was wearing). He lives in Arizona somewhere and he was visiting his Dad. What a coincidence, huh?

colleeeen said...

ahhh, sweet handsome James. i've emailed him on occasion over the years. it's funny how at the time that was the greatest tragedy the world had ever known - Tristan and Isolde had NOTHING on me! and yet i'm so unbelievably happy and in love with Daniel that i can't even imagine my life differently without a shudder. My mom saw him several years ago and said he'd grown up into a very handsome man, which I can believe. He had good bones, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Colleen. You drew me out. All this talk about James made me break the silence. I have been lurking on and off and just enjoying the randomness. (O:

In case you haven't figured out who this is, it is another former childhood, friend. Yup, it's Patty, or AKA "Trisha." I found your blog through my sister's.

My old age must be really getting to me, because I cannot remember for the life of me what happened between you and James. Ugggg. I swear, at 33 my feeble-mindedness is just utterly wacky. I do remember how he broke *my* heart, though. Geesh. What was it with you and I having a penchant for the same men, eh? Lesse. James, Edgar, Crappy Don........hah!

Speaking of James, I copied a bunch of old family 8mm tapes onto dvd, and found an old Chino first ward talent show. James and John Rodriguez were doing "Only a Lad." You and Stephanie Lane were doing that one banana song. Dangit, I can't remember the title, or the artist. And my sister Carolyn and I did Surfin' Safari, by The Beach Boys. Oh, man. It was painful to watch, I tell you.

colleeeen said...


yes, James James James. it was the usual - undying 15 year old love. then he got banished to AZ and broke my heart long-distance. the details are ugly and so i'll keep them to myself.

yeah, except for James we had pretty awful taste. of ourse, our pool of acceptable suitors back then was pretty shallow. E was sweet then turned bad, but that other one - ugh. really the all-time low point of my entire dating career. i'm disgusted that i was ever so pathetic.

please, please burn that tape. church talent shows are really just a way to get blackmailable recordings of fellow ward members.

why aren't you bloggin? if me & Steph can write about our ridiculous lives, you can too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I concur about our lovely Mr. Limpett. Hah!

I regret to say I can burn the tape, but it wouldn't burn the evidence. See, the camera in which that horrible travesty was filmed in broke many years ago. I had no idea what was on those tapes when I turned them over to the shop to have them copied for my parents and siblings. Unfortunately, I had about 6 copies made. I am ducking way over here in Utah because I can feel the missles being launched by you way over here! Hah!

Meh. I don't blog. I don't have the talent for blogging my sisters posess, nor is my life particularly exciting to blog about. I am afraid I would bore my readers to tears.

It sounds like you and I still have a few things in common, if I am reading your blogs correctly. I am pretty much a modern day hippie with the exception of my daily shower and razor. Oh, and deodorant. (O:

colleeeen said...

alright, if you insist on not blogging then you must at the very least continue to comment. email just seems so... impermanent. this is almost like our own little message board.

Patty said...

Oh, okay. Yeah, it's funny how blogs *have* turned into personal message boards, isn't it?

I look forward to the next blog.........and, if I ever think of a topic to blog about, I might just blog, too. (O:

thefoxkids said...

Ok so reading all your commments about burning the video peaked my compeditive streak in me.. like Patty i'm sure there are thousands of embaressing moments of my teenage years caught but here's a blast from the past, i posted on my blog when i found Cynthia's blog and was mentioning it to my kiddo's and they couldn't believe i actually had a life before they were born.. (and sometimes i can't remember myself.. bit i digress!)
Patty you are missing in the temple pic but both your sisters are in it and Colleen, Steph, too..

KyLeyne ;0)

Stephanie said...


I have a very vivid memory of you in spandex shorts and a big pink top. We were freshman at the "East" campus and we were driving to school together for some reason (did that happen often?).

I hope everything is well with you - come and see my blog, too!!