Wednesday, February 06, 2008

seeds among thorns

I was sick, really sick, for six days. It was The Death Flu. I am still weak and easily tired, food still tastes all wrong. I'm living on Target-brand slimfast ripoff drinks. I called my Primary president and cried on the phone because i was too sick and weak to do my job, so they took care of it. The Relief Society brought us dinner for three nights, and God bless them, two of those nights were casseroles. We don't usually eat casseroles - the boys are mystified by them and I'm kind of grossed out by food floating in cream of mushroom soup. But i am grateful, no matter how horrible a food snob i am. Dan pointed out that people probably don't eat the mercy meals i give out. Jerk. (love you, Dan!)

Today we went to evil Wal-Mart and i bought a seed-starting plastic greenhouse. Paul was going to help me plant, but he lost interest pretty quickly and started poking toys into the peat pellets so i finally shooed him away. We're starting white onions, green onions, four different kinds of carrots (including purple), tomatoes (Black Krim, Persimmon, and Costoluto), roasting peppers, and serrano chiles. You're not supposed to start carrots indoors, but it's an experiment and we have many, many seeds, so no worries. We also bought a 6-pack of red lettuce, another of Bibb lettuce, an artichoke plant (Paul's request, he really likes them), some Italian Parsley and a yellow pear tomato. I'm going to plant those in the front-yard terrace, as that gets sun almost all day long.

Spring Cleaning has officially commenced. I loaded up the Suburban and dropped off a huge donation at Goodwill yesterday. There is still so much more crap that I can get rid of. The most significant donation was my maternity clothes. The baby factory is closed; any further additions to the family will be via adoption/fostering. I have saved a few of the very best pieces of baby clothes (hard to find expensive stuff like down suits), but otherwise i am no longer saving clothes that Eli grows out of. There are plenty of hand-me-downs to be had from the boys' cousins if we ever end up needing any.


liannallama said...

oh, you poor thing! I'm sorry you've been so sick!

Dang--I'd be excited to get a casserole--well, as long as it's not mushroom--cream of chicken's ok in my book! I'm trying to eat healthier and casserole is not on my list. Plus, my casserole dish got left at my MIL's house and we have yet to liberate it!

colleeeen said...

i have to be honest - one tasted good. it was made with chicken, cream of whatever soup, cheese, and Pilsbury-type croissants. as i look at that ingredient list i want to vomit, and even though it tasted good i immediately felt all wrong inside.

man, if somebody had brought me steamed rice and some kind of stir-fry i would have been over the moon! alas, Dan is probably right - if i brought that to somebody else who was sick, they probably wouldn't want it. apparently our babysitter reported to her mother in HORROR that we eat tofu over here! i just had to laugh. reckon i'll never bring them over hiyayako! the boys love it.

Stephanie said...

My favorite meal to make for people who are sick or who have just had babies is homemade Mac and Cheese. It's cheesy and warm and fatty and it's everything I want when my body isn't my own.

I always bring over a big salad, too!

I'm glad you're being taken care of!

Trisha said...

Hi, there! I am glad you're feeling better, and are being taken care of.

I don't do casseroles, either. I don't think I ever will. And, yes. That ingredient list made me want to vomit, too. (o: I am a major food and ingredient snob, too. (O:

My ideal sick dish for when I am sick is sushi and endame (sp?) and some kind of vegetable, chicken, or tofu curry. Yuuuum! Or, just toast with homemade bread and jam will do, too.

Since most people like Mexican, I usually make them a pan of organic enchiladas when they are sick. I do try to make them mild because most people's stomachs can't handle the really spicy stuff when they are sick. They can have the free-range chicken, or have them cheese-only. I usually ask. But, my philosophy is they already have enough toxins in their body when they are sick, I certainly don't need to add to that by feeding them food that has enough preservatives to embalm a small animal. (O: Just my 2 cents worth.

I would have made you a pan of organic enchiladas if you lived closer................

Trisha said...

Oh, and I have to toot my own horn and add that my enchiladas are yummy, too. It's my momma's recipe I grew up with. (My momma was born Mexican. She's an American citizen now, so I refer to her as American because she is.) (O:

colleeeen said...

hooray for food snobbery! Trish, maybe someday i'll get to eat your enchiladas. i remember your mom's and they rock. and Steph, i LOVE real homemade mac-n-cheese. hey, when the economy tanks, why don't y'all come back to CA? houses are getting cheap out in SB & Riverside county. well, cheap by CA standards...

cyn the win said...

casseroles are evil!!
well, i have one or two in my repertoire but they are all from SCRATCH.

the ladies in my RS tease me saying that if I ever get sick no one can bring me dinner because i hate typical mormon food--you know what i mean--they all start out with a can of MSG/sodium loaded cream of anything. Blech.