Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Siouxsie touched me!

I was literally right next to the

Nah, just kidding. But if i was an aggressive jerk, i could have touched her. Last night was the show - Dan & I met Stephen at the House of Blues (hereafter referred to by their obnoxiously ubiquitous acronym "HOB") to see Rasputina & Siouxsie. We ate dinner there, which was acceptable, and then got into the "dinner line" for the show. If you eat dinner there you get into a special line that gets into the show before the main line. This sounds like a good idea, but just wait - you'll read the truth.

We got in and promptly had no clue where to go, but eventually found ourselves in front of the stage on the main floor. HOB is general admission, and i haven't been to a GA show in YEARS so i was woefully out of practice. My rules for attending a General Admission show:

1. don't.
2. if you must go, do not carry a purse.
3. wear sturdy shoes - you will get stepped on.
4. consider wearing heavy bracelets and possibly elbow spikes.

So i broke every rule. i went, i carried my big ol' shiny red purse, wore ballerina flats and no jewelry of any kind. With my tomato-red dress and complete lack of makeup i was extremely conspicuous, as 95% of the crowd was in some combination of the following: dressed in black, pierced to the nines, tattooed, and heavily eyelinered (it was a Siouxsie show, ya know).

So after standing around in front of the stage for AN HOUR the show started. It was not the best Ras gig I have ever seen, the sound was horrible and Melora's vocals very muddled, but the energy was not helped by the unbelievably rude Siouxsie crowd. I have seen hostile crowds (Love & Rockets' farewell show was the pinnacle), but this was just complete apathetic rudeness - talking, texting, acting like jackasses. I would have sprayed perfume in their faces, but i didn't bring any. I'm going to send Ras a card and express my condolences for their shabby treatment. I wonder if the whole tours was that awful or if Orange County just has more faux-punk idiots than other places.

After Ras was done, the crowd got worse. Siouxsie was coming! Dan retreated but Stephen and i stuck it out. I wanted to see up S's famous nose, since we were only about 6 or 7 deep from the stage. I saw her once with the Creatures, which was great, but i was far away and this time i wanted to see the diva up close. The crowd started pressing hard and one particularly obnoxious bunch, headed up by a sneaky elbow-y chick was pressing hard on my left rear flank. Ohhh i wanted to turn around and spit on them but instead i had to find my satisfaction in repelling their attempts to get in front of me. They made one horrible final push to get in front and in my sheer stubborn obstinacy and determination to KEEP THAT GIRL BEHIND ME i rode the wave in front of them and then suddenly i was shoved in two deep from the stage. Ha! Stephen was several people behind me and there was no way to get him up to me.

Miss S came out and i was in the sardine can - no way out, no way around. But it was all good because hey, I was 5 feet from an icon. Cool. She looked really good - a few wrinkles on the face, but otherwise she looked fantastic, even in a ridiculous silver & gold spandex catsuit. She looked like a 70's glam rock queen. I stuck it out for 5 or 6 songs (she did Hong Kong Garden!) before i overheated and had to get out. Even then, i did my best to make sure Miss Elbow did not get my spot. Stephen came along with me and eventually we found Dan upstairs trying to watch the show on the monitors.

OK, my other piece of concert advice. Do not go to a show at the Anaheim House of Blues. It's awful. I am not sure i have ever been to a worse venue. Sure, it's clean and there's a LOT of security. Sure, they have big-screen monitors that you can watch the show on. But unless you are lucky enough to be up front or in the sardine crush of the main floor, you will not actually see the performer. If i want to watch Siouxsie on a TV screen, i will go buy a DVD and watch it at home and save myself oh, i dunno, $100 or so.

However, the freak show was fun, as it always is. We played the "guess the gender" game, the "what do you think they do for a living" game, and assorted other evil guessing games that are sooo much fun to engage in when surrounded by a bunch of extreme scenesters. the haircuts! the makeup! the dye jobs! the costuming! the jewelry! the dancing! all so deliciously mockable as we played it safe in our boring street-clothes. i need to keep reminding myself that as they are, so i once was. There were a few people who did the look and did it well, and a few hairstyles and lovely pink dye jobs i was very jealous of. Ahh, i wish i had cool hair.


Trisha said...

Security is EVIL at HOB Anaheim! I was just there in November for a concert, and they wouldn't let me take my camera in. The lucky girl next to my sister and I had it made. She stuck her camera at the bottom of her purse, and covered it up with tampons. The security dude didn't even TOUCH her purse. Ha ha ha! It was a total sardine can when I went with Carolyn, too. I also got separated from her, and there was no getting reunited at that show. We wren't lucky enough to get in the dinner show like you were! And, some drunk-off-their a-holes totally tried to start it with Carolyn. They weren't even fans! And, they were men! What kind of man will start it up with a woman? It was all because she didn't let them worm their way in front of her. So, yes. I totally agree about HOB Anaheim. Bah!

cyn the win said...

My fav line:

"I would have sprayed perfume in
their faces, but i didn't bring any"

I love this post Colleen! Ya took me right there.

And who doesn't Siouxsie? Or Love and Rockets for that matter?!

I did go to the Utah Symphony on Friday. I'm so uncool.

Beulahboy1 said...

Did you get the pic off Flickr? Or did someone send it to you. My, my, you make fast friends.

You described the evening beautifully, much better than I have to anyone who will listen. I posted on the Siouxsie forum, and a couple of people singled that evil fat girl out as well. She's another who makes fast friends, apparently.

It was wonderful seeing you and Dan and I hope to see you again soon.

colleeeen said...

Oh, i stopped making friends years ago. That's so 9th-grade. As for the picture, i ripped it off from the OC Register's site. What a hack paper!

Where is this Siouxsie forum? I have to read your review!

Cyn, the Utah Symphony was undoubtedly much more enjoyable. You did get to sit, didn't you? And i doubt any horrid drunken women were screaming "Oh, Stephan Sanderling, I love you! Marry me, Stephan!"

Susan M said...

I really wanted to see Siouxsie but not enough to pay $40 for it. Make that $80 for two people. Sorry Sioux, just wasn't going to happen. I saw her in '86 and again in '91, that'll have to do me, I guess!

I also can't stand the HOB, and last time I went (to see the Hoodoo Gurus, an all time fave) I recorded the show on a digital voice recorder purely out of spite.

Michael said...

Great visual. The HOB is evil as in EEEVVVIIILLLL!!!! Worked there once...Never again.

Marque and Sarah said...

Hey Colleen!!!! I am happy you found me. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I wish I could have gone to that show! I hope everything is great for you and your family. Tell your dad hello too please!