Monday, February 11, 2008


OK, you all know what an ephemeral novelty it is to engage in snow sports in southern California. But the storms we had come through (while i was in bed with the Death Flu) left the mountains so sparkly white! Dan took Paul for their annual skiing trip last Monday, and on Saturday we packed up the kids and the gear and headed for Wrightwood. Egads, it tales a lot of time to gear two kids up for snow, particularly when we usually only do this once a year. Although I had managed to pick us all up snowshoes secondhand or at REI clearance sales, between babies and drought winters we had never managed to really use them. So this was our very first snowshoeing trip.

We went up past Wrightwood to Grassy Hollow and started out on the Pacific Crest Trail (which we plan to do a large section of once Paul is 9 or 10), but it only took us a minute to figure out that we could go wherever we darn well pleased. So we headed off over some hills and down some mild slopes, and I was surprised by how much everybody enjoyed it. Paul was a machine, forging ahead of Dan and bravely plunging down slopes. He did fall on his face a few times, but since he didn't complain I took that as a sign that he was really enjoying it. We stopped for a break and Dan & the boys (Eli rode in a baby carrier on Dan's back) had a snowball fight and made a snowman with a pine-needle mohawk. Then we snowshoed over to a large group of people and watched them sled while we drank lukewarm cocoa that i had been carrying in my backpack. They spoke Spanish and Paul was shocked - "Mama, they're speaking Spanish!" He always gets amazed when he hears people outside of school speaking it. I'm not sure why, as he knows lots of people speak Spanish. His pronunciation is really good now.

Our little day-trip helped me decide what we are going to do for President's Day weekend. I'm going to be brave, and we are going to Sequoia NP to car-camp and do some more snowshoeing. But since I'm a wimp, I'll be buying a tent heater.


Trisha said...

Camping president's day weekend? Unheard of! At least, it is unheard of here in snowy, cold, grey, Utah. Wah! I long for warm camping weather. Have fun!

As far as snowshoeing goes, isn't it a blast? I happen to live in the best state for snowshoeing, and it has become an el cheapo winter hobby of mine. Like you, I picked mine up at an REI clearance sale. Isn't REI the most wonderful shop on earth? I say this even if they are horribly overpriced. Good deals can be found on their outlet website and their bi-annual yard sales, though. Trevor picked up this awesome watch/altimeter/HR monitor/compass, gadgety thing at one of the REI yard sales for $10. It was a $300 gizmo, too. Gott'a love REI bargains!

You need to come snowshoeing here! I would put you up in my house, and we could go trek the powder until we could trek no more! Whaddya' say? REI also rents snowshoes for mega cheap, too. You can rent them for $8 a day, if you're so inclined.

colleeeen said...

yeah i know, us and a couple million other people. i know we'll end up camping in the snow up at Lodgepole, instead of at warmer Potwisha... definitely gotta go back to evil Wal-Mart and get a catalytic heater.

hmmm, will y'all still have snow at the end of March? i'm trying to think of what to do for Paul's spring break. i was thinking southern UT, even tho the nights will still be coooold.

no matter what, i'll be driving through UT this summer and it would be super cool to take multiple detours and meet people (like you!) along the way.

Trisha said...

Hmm. The end of March is iffy. Any other year, and it would be a flat "no." The snow would be deep enough still, but it would be in patches, and not one solid, never ending mass. We are about 30% above normal precipitation this year, so the end of March might work if it stays cold eough. If we warm up significantly, then it would be a no-go. So, it truly is hard to say.

As far as this summer goes, when do you think you would be here? I would really love to see you!

thefoxkids said...

Good for you Colleen! my boys show shoe for PE at school i've been eye balling some for a while at season sales.. now your excietment has made me want to just take the plunge and get some for the whole family... now for camping in the snow.. wow your truley dedicated.. good for you!