Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happier Post

Mother's Day was great. The Primary kids sang in Sacrament Meeting, church went well, and afterward we went to the beach to watch the sun set. I've tried to make it a bit of a tradition to go to the beach on Mother's Day, as I think May is possibly the most beautiful month we have here in soCal. The jacarandas are in bloom, flowers are lush, we get the May Gray, the days are longer and longer but the summer heat is still far away. I took pictures, but since Dan installed a new operating system on my computer I don't have the easy easy easy Microsoft photo editing program I was accustomed to using. All I want to do is crop and resize, but all the free programs are complicated. I don't have time to learn new programs! Waahhh!

We're making progress with converting the Suburban to run on vegetable oil. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and I'm finding that I have to ask very specific questions in order to get the info I need. Still no clue if I'll be driving to Montana on soybean oil this summer.

Next month Allyne, my first cousin once removed, will be flying out to CA to stay with us for a week. She is the daughter of my cousin Don - who is moving to Suzhou, China with his entire family. Making an international move sounds to be about 100x more difficult than moving locally. I have never had to move more than 40 miles (yes, I've lived a very small life). Allyne is 15 years old and I want to make sure she has fun, although Don assures me that allowing her to sleep late in the morning will be a great vacation in and of itself. we are definitely taking the Metrolink into LA, and depending on the museum exhibits we may take it down to San Diego as well. I'll happily pull Paul out of school, as he's doing great and can handle the disruption. Any other ideas for cool things for a smart, really non-snotty 15-year-old girl about to move to China?

Paul's Spanish is amazing. He's also been forcing me to resurrect my dormant Spanish, in order to help him with homework, and I've conducted two conversations entirely in Spanish this week - real conversations. There were a couple of times that I had to confess I didn't understand what I was being told, but everybody tends to be very forgiving about that, as it's obvious Spanish is my distant second language.

Eli and I are going through a rough patch, fighting a lot. I have to struggle to remember that I am the grownup and need to act like it. We just seem to be made to butt heads with each other.


Beulahboy1 said...

When you go down to LA and San Diego, I am going with you. Yes, I just pushed myself into your outing and no, I do not feel guilty about it.

colleeeen said...

i would LOVE for you to come. LOVE. you make everything more fun.

Beulahboy1 said...

This seems easier than emailing you. Thanks for the wonderful time yesterday! And thank you for the architecture books! My funding for school came through yesterday and 2/3 of it is government grants. Thank God!