Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hashimoto's Disease

OK, i don't want this to turn into Sick Woman Blog, but Cynthia asked (where is everybody, by the way?) and I may as well get this over with. I have Hashimoto's Disease. Basically, my immune system has decided that my thyroid must die, so my thyroid is wasting its resources fighting with my white blood cells and is NOT doing its day job (regulating the metabolism and producing hormones) very well. Normal thyroid antibody levels are under 30, mine are around 975. Now that this has been noticed, I need to see an endocrinologist. On July 28th. Aaargh.

For years, I have blamed my fatigue and persistent memory problems on children and the fact that I'm stupid. Now I have a disease to blame it all on, which is very convenient. "But I'm a sick woman!" will soon become my go-to whine. It's awesome! I can blame my acne, my incorrigible hair, my arthritis-like symptoms, my fuzzy mental state and my laziness on my malfunctioning immune system and resultant screwed-up hormones and metabolism! If you can find a way to develop an incurable autoimmune disorder, you should get cracking on it.

In all seriousness, I'm both unhappy and mildly relieved by this diagnosis. If it had gone on unnoticed, I could have ended up with an enlarged heart and all sorts of other nastiness. I really never knew there was anything wrong with me except that I didn't seem to function as well as everybody else, and when you combine that with my lifelong self-hatred it was just natural to assume that I was becoming even more worthless as I aged. Phew! Now I just wait and hope that I haven't had this for years and years and have already developed an oversized heart. Fun. My next post will be sunnier, I promise.


Yes, I am a Grandma - but I keep young reading said...

This is Stephanie and KyLeyne's Mom who has become addicted to keeping up with my "old" young women.

You will love the change when they get you on synthroid (or what ever brand). I've had this since right after I had Ashley and the medicine is cheap, side effect free - except that you will feel better! The only pain is you have to keep it monitored (my Dr. does it twice a year) as your own body doesn't balance out your hormone now. Over the years my dose has gradually gone up.

The whole family thought synthroid was a miracle drug when I got on it.

Best wishes for beautiful you and your family

Cathy Lane

Beulahboy1 said...

Why did you check this out. What was going on that you finally researched it?

colleeeen said...

i would never have known on my own. i had a physical, my PA said my thyroid felt large, and they sent me off for blood tests and a thyroid ultrasound. turns out my thyroid looks really gnarly. i should get "gnarly" tattooed right over it. that won't make me look psychotic, will it?

Ken said...

Hey, I found you! We need to figure out a way to hang out sometime. We (still) have so much in common, we need to get caught up! btw, how long have you been checking out threadbanger? And do you post to their forum?

Stephanie said...

It's always good to have more information than less. ALWAYS.

Thyroid stuff is the easiest thing to diagnose and treat. Like my mommy said, you'll suddenly feel better.

My whole family has thyroid-related stuff - except we don't have a cool name like "Hashimoto's Disease" to envelope all of our craziness.

Good luck!