Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adios, kindergarten!

I am mildly stunned by the end of school. Go ahead and insert your own cliches about how quickly time passes. Considering how mortally afraid I was of sending Paul to school (my public school years were not happy ones), Kinder went miraculously well. Because of the consistency and patience that I am unable to provide to my children, school has helped Paul to progress by astonishing measures. I always knew he was good at math, he understood it intuitively, but school helped him to recognize mathematical notations and writing standards. He struggled for a long time with reading, but then it was like the switch was thrown and now he reads everything he sees.

I am still feeling stunned. I have a child who is transforming from being a little animal that I have to take care of 24/7, into a remarkably human creature who is suddenly able to do and figure out a lot of things on his own. He's astonishing. I just need to keep trying to be the kind of mother who deserves such a wonderful child.

Senor Wright and Senora Hernandez (i still haven't figured out how to add tildes to the n's) did a fantastic job. I do not believe that kindergarten could be any more idyllic than Paul's experience was. And he's getting less and less shy about using Spanish with me. I need to start really boning up on my vocabulary (and practicing my past tenses), so I can keep up with him and not teach him bad grammar this summer.


Beulahboy1 said...

I'm taking Spanish in the fall so I will be speaking to both you and Paul primarily in Espanol from that point on.

And I think it is great that your animal is growing into a human. He has two wonderful role models. he is going to be a smarty. I just hope the world can keep up with him.

Eli is a smarty too, and he is cunning (the archaic meaning), a dangerous combination. I don't envy you one bit there! But its going to be entertaining to watch from the sidelines!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on a year of school for your kid! Since both of you survived, I figure I will too! One more year of preschool and then, I'll be a kindergarten mom, too!

James said...

For "ñ", try Alt+164, or pull up your handy-dandy Character Map if using Windows (Start, Run, type in "charmap", OK), and you can find it there as well.