Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On the Road Again

There is a 17' aluminum canoe strapped to the top of my rusty Suburban. Inside that Suburban, there are duffel bags, a tent, and all manner of vaguely essential supplies - sewing accessories, quality cookware (the pans at the cabin are mostly pathetic), cookbooks (to replace the disintegrating 1950's era Betty Crocker), kids books, maps, and who knows what all else. Oh yes, a potty chair. My life exudes glamour from every pore.

I feel terrified. This is a long way to drive with just the boys. We have no internet at the cabin, but hopefully I'll be able to post from the library and let anybody who cares know that we made it alive.


christine said...

If you can't post I'll update for you in the comments.

Hey, look, I'm actually tying, not just lurking!! How proud you must be. I know I am.

christine said...

And hey, look, I'm misspelling too! Now I'm double proud.

Susan M said...

I was just telling a friend I want to go on a roadtrip to a lake. Have fun!

courtney said...

I am half jealous!! But then I think of a road trip with just the kids and I cringe. You are so brave and a little crazy all at the sametime. good luck, be safe, have fun and enjoy that canoe. we love you.

thefoxkids said...

this brings back OH SO many memories.. we would put my grandfather's aluminum boat atop our stationwagon and stuff it to the max with duffelbags and trash bags full of clothes.. here's the only hitch.. make sure you empty out the canoo if you stop for the night at a hotel or what ever.. we got robbed once at such a layover the only saving grace the robbers stoll lots of dirty icky camping clothes.. serves them right.. but i do think they also got some good stuff.. so be careful and have FUN!!! i'm in total awww of you right now!