Thursday, June 12, 2008

sewing, sewing, sewing

When a friend calls and says "You haven't updated your blog," I guess that's a sign.

Allyne is gone, she flew back to AZ on Tuesday. We had a delightful time in Little Tokyo. Stephen joined us for the day and Daniel took the train to meet us for dinner. We got some cool sushi erasers (they'll be in Paul's Christmas stocking, shh!), checked out the sort-of rooftop garden at the New Otani Hotel, and Allyne also bought a manga and a couple of Japanese CD's at Kinokuniya. We walked over to Union Station to retrieve Dan, then got on the waiting list for Daikokuya, which is an extremely popular ramen joint. Bear in mind that actual Japanese ramen bears no resemblance to Top Ramen. There are noodles and broth, but that pretty much ends the similarities. The Daikokuya ramen was outstanding, but the place was possibly as hot as Hell and we gulped down much cold water - I rubbed an ice cube all over my neck, which everybody laughed at but worked like a charm to cool me down.

Magic Mountain was a test of my patience and love. Dan and Allyne claimed to have had a good time, and I must take my satisfaction from that. Sunday I had even more cousins in town, so we hung out at my parents' house for a few hours with lots of relatives and got to attend my old church ward. Lots of history with those people - not always good history, but it's my past and I own it now.

And the title of today's entry? I am sewing a mockup of our new family backpacking tent. It's basically a copy of this tent. The 8-panel monstrosity I sewed five years ago is still functional (you can see it in this picture), but it's a crude design and crudely executed, and I'd like some more space than it provides. The new tent requires 17 yards of fabric, so luckily I have been hoarding $1 a yard nylon ripstop from WalMart, which keeps the expense of the mockup at a minimum (thank you Christine for scoring a 12+ yard piece for me!). It's tempting to just use the mockup for a while, as siliconized ripstop is upwards of $5 a yard these days. We'll see how well it turns out. The three seams are VERY long, and they are flat-felled, which means I am sewing each one twice. Looooooong seams are tedium personified.


Susan M said...

I'm going to see Dax Riggs tonight in Pomona. Wanna go?

colleeeen said...

urrrrgh! Dan is gone with the Scouts tonight, and i'm not sure i should lean on my Mom for any more babysitting right now (she just had Eli for 2.5 days). Don't give up on me.

Susan M said...

That's ok---short notice anyway. I'm just often never sure until the day of the show if I'm going to be able to make it myself! I'll try to keep you updated on possible shows.

Casey said...

Great tent. I am so impressed that you are making it on your own. What talent.

cyn the win said...

why are you sewing a tent?

flat felled seams are tedious indeed.

colleeeen said...

because to buy it would cost me $850. the materials for the tent (since i'm using $1 a yard ripstop from WalMart) will end up costing at maximum $50, but will almost certainly be less. The zipper may end up being the most expensive component.

imagine a flat-felled seam over 7 yards long. glad that's all over with!