Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Eli decided to celebrate his birthday by vomiting and running a low fever. The canoe turned out to not be so easy to tightly attach to the Suburban - I made it to Mom & Dad's, but averaged 45 mph because the canoe was wiggling and it scared me half to death. This morning Dad was checking the car over and decided that my tire treads are too low and advised me to replace the tires. So since Eli was sick anyway, I'm having a layover day at Mom & Pop's while I pay way too much money for new tires. The silver lining is that yesterday my mother-in-law slipped me some money to help with the trip expenses, and it will almost completely cover the cost of the new tires.

Dad also drilled some holes in my front bumper and installed some eye bolts so we could attach the canoe more securely. We went to a pick-a-part junkyard this morning to see if we could find a roof rack for the 'burb, but no luck. So we're back to strapping it to the front and back of the car and using cut-up foam pool noodles to keep it from scratching the heck out of the paint. When we're all packed up and ready to go, I'll be sure to take a picture, just to treat you to my pure white-trashery.

And Susan, if you wanna go next year, I'll take you. Seriously.


liannallama said...

oh, it's always another crazy adventure with you! I think I'll sit this one out, LOL! But I know you will have a blast when you finally get there--(((HUGS)))

Hey--about your Ramen thread--did you know there's 2 great ramen places in OC? Go to the ramen stand at the Mitsuwa market food court on Paularino and Bristol. That was voted #1 by LA times.

Our personal favorite (LA Times #3) is Shin Sen Gumi. It is on Brookhurst & Garfield right next to Corner Bakery in FV. They are the BEST! It is a dinky cafe (the other side is yakitori) so get there right when they open at 6 (or earlier) for dinner and put your name on the list. It's soooo yummy! If you ever want to meet there let us know--we love ramen!

Or if you're ever in Costa Mesa and want to meet me at lunchtime at Mitsuwa it's real close to my work!

colleeeen said...

i have not yet made it to Shin Sen Gumi, but would like to. once i am back from MT we'll set up a lunch date - i can get daytime babysitting in the summer! lunch will be much more peaceful without Eli.

and this morning it's Paul doing the vomiting. feh, it's not like i wanted to go anywhere, anyway...

christine said...

for anyone wondering, she finally hit the road today, only 3 days later than intended.

courtney said...

I am so sorry that we got all of you sick(I blame Kaelyn). good luck on the road and we cant wait till you get back.
the kinnicks