Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We canceled cable. It was getting ridiculously expensive, and with the cost of gasoline and groceries going up all the time, it didn't seem like a worthwhile expense. I only watched about three channels, anyway - Bravo for Project Runway, HGTV for home design porn, and Family for Gimore Girls re-runs (got addicted).

The first week or so, I admit I was drawn to the TV several times before I remembered "Oh yeah, no cable." I wanted to know what happened with crazy Lorelie and hopeless Rory Gilmore! I wanted Mission Organization on in the background while I pretended to clean the house!

But now the darndest thing has happened. Aside from my internet time-wasting (no really! I'm researching Real Estate & Financial news!), I seem to be getting more done. Don't get me wrong, the big stupid picture box still sucks up some of our time - we subscribed to Netflix.

So now I need to assemble a killer list of movies I want to see. Got any suggestions? I want classics and oldies mostly (like the 1952 Moulin Rouge), although I can be persuaded towards more modern fare - Persepolis is on my must-see list. I can't go by the modern Oscar-winners; I haven't been able to trust them since Fargo won Best Picture. And I wonder if the boys will enjoy old silliness like Laurel & Hardy and some of the more fast-moving Harold Lloyd silents.

What should I see, now that I can see almost anything I want?


Stephanie said...

Netflix is cool because you can rent shows. If you want to know what happened to Lorelai and Rory, all you need to do is rent the DVD's. It takes a little longer because you only get one at a time (it took us a few months to get through Seinfeld) - but you get them all - plus all the extra stuff.

colleeeen said...

yeah, we've been watching Raymond & Scrubs. i should monopolize one of the slots for a while and finish out GGs.

Susan M said...

Best movie I've seen in awhile is a documentary called King of Kong, about a guy attempting to break the world record for Donkey Kong. At first you're laughing at all the videogame geeks for taking it so seriously, but next thing you know, you're taking it just as seriously. It's pretty dang awesome.

Casey said...

I am addicted to GG's also. I started watching the re-runs on TV and got hooked. I wanted to see it from the beginning so I have been renting them through netflix. The kids are starting to get annoyed because they know that everytime that red envelope shows up in the mail they know it's GG.

Ken said...

Have you seen "A knights Tale" with Heath Ledger? or Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"? They both do that "period piece with modern music" thing, but put together well. "Titus" with Anthony Hopkins you might like. "Last of the mohicans" with Daniel Day Lewis (actually, most things with D.D. Lewis are pretty good). A more recent film "Stardust" was surprisingly good. I could go on and on, but hopfully that gives you a start.
btw- you're braver than me, I would go crazy without cable. And I've done Netflix before, really fast service, but I have blockbuster online currently. I get to return the DVD in the mailer to the actualy store and get a free store rental for each one. It feels like 2 for 1 and I like that.

thefoxkids said...

colleen.. we just did this too! i'm keeping it on the down low right now because Ben isn't completely convenced but i'm telling you with the TV off or if they only have dvd's to watch amazingly they FIND something else to do.. i told everyone we had to try it for 1 month to start that will be up around the end of the month fingers crossed i think i like it.. we'll see though..
good for you!!!

cyn the win said...

HGTV is DEFINITELY home design porn. I can't stop watching that channel. I blogged about WAY back as well.