Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Argh. Grrrr. Gahhh.

First, I have Montana pics. Flickr is giving me a hard time because I'm too cheap to pay for an account, so they are kind of random. Look here!

Frustration rules at our house. I have a sewing project that is driving me batty, all of the classes I want at school are full, Eli refuses to give up diapers (I promise you, that is ALL the elimination talk you will get around here), my re-commitment to eating vegetarian 6 days a week is being met with resistance from Paul ("You know I don't like vegetables! Why do you keep cooking them?"), and somehow we keep dirtying up the dishes and wanting clean clothes. Oh, and it's hot! At times I am a very, very cranky Mama.

Since I can't enroll Eli in the daycare at Saddleback anyway (no diapers allowed, how nice to be so choosy!), I am now enrolling VERY last-minute at Fullerton College (yes, Stephen, I'll call you about it) so that Courtney (my SIL) can watch the boys while I desperately petition to be added to whatever class course will have me. I'll have to take the train, but we'll make this work somehow. The Fullerton arrangement may be best after all, as Courtney and I can work out a very agreeable solution (if I can get into any classes).


Susan M said...

I'm gonna try to call you today. I'm not great about using the phone so I may forget. But I'm intending to.

Beulahboy1 said...

Yeah!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will have Biology together again this semester. The book is super expensive, so I just wanted to forewarn you. I am so happy we're going to school together again.

This is a boost in my effort to never grow up by getting to relive my past (sort-of). And we WILL be lab partners! Hopefully they'll do everything alphabetically and your right next to me now (Clark, then Clemens!!!!)

I am so happy for you that you are doing this. I think its great!

Stephanie said...

Good luck with getting classes! You are an amazing example. Keep up the good work.

I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. When I figure it out, I'll probably be going back to school.