Wednesday, August 06, 2008


First, an apology. I said I would have Montana pictures up, and I don't yet. I can't find the camera, which is a bit of an obstacle. Sorry I haven't come through yet.

I've always felt my formal education comes up short. I love to semi-dishonestly tell people I'm a high school dropout, but the truth is I took the equivalency exam. I went to community college, but due to my less-than-stable life in my late teens and my complete inability to pick a career field, it took me a few years to get my AA, during which time Daniel and I married. I transferred to CSU Fullerton, but dropped out after one week because Daniel and I realized we simply could not afford to live and have both of us in college at the same time. Since he was a math/engineering major and I had settled on the economically useless field of Theatre Arts, plus I had more work experience and could earn the whopping sum of $10 an hour (not too shabby in 1997!), I was the obvious choice to drop out. I've taken a random course here and there, but as of right now I have no marketable skills or career education.

Last week I applied for community college. My enrollment priority stinks - I won't be able to actually enroll in a class until Monday the 11th, and the class I need to start with (Biology 20) only has two open courses. I'm shooting for the nursing program at our local community college. Dan and I are having an early mid-life crisis and our nascent desire to get the bloody hell out of southern CA has reared up again. We need job skills that are marketable anywhere, unlike computer engineering which pays very lucratively but pretty much requires us to stick close to major, overpriced and overcrowded cities. So try not to bite off all of your fingernails while waiting to find out if I get the class I need!


Stephanie said...

Good luck! You'll do great. I've been thinking about nursing, too. I think it is one of the more marketable fields you can get into.

I hope for you.

Ken said...

You mean to tell me cheapskate white trashery is NOT a marketable skill?!
I say write a book. You're good with words and stuff.
How about blogging for money? I don't know how they do it, but some people get paid to blog (again, I think you have a way with words).
But if it's nursing that will get you where you want to be, then you should do that.
But I might have to call you Colleen Catheter (I kind of like Betty Bedpan better, except you're name's not Betty.)
*big smile*

thefoxkids said...

I can send you pictures of green hiking trails and the 10 1/2 acres with a beautiful fishing creek running down the center we could afford WHEN WE GOT THE HECK OUT OF CA... just as motivation...
Has the hubby thought of going into like hospital computer systems (i have a friend who's husband who does this).. i know it's very specialized but even some smal-ish places have to have a hospital...
good luck!

Robb & Rhonda said...

Colleen, come on over to Texas. Dan can get a job easy and you could buy a house for nothing. You could live in the boonies and Dan would still only be 30-40 minutes from work(that includes "bad traffic").
Let me know, we can hook you up. A lot of companies will even fly you and Dan out for a weekend to check it out. They also need nurses like crazy here.

colleeeen said...

ohhhhhh Rhondie, you're making me sad. i'm just not ready for Texas. we liked it, but it's so far away. we're still trying to figure it all out.

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

Actually, Austin is a place for computer programmers that, although it is a "major city" would be lucky to put together 2 million people in the same mileage that LA has 20 million people. You two are perfect candidates!! (BTW, as usual, I know of a company desperately needing programers and other positions) ; - ))

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

Did anyone catch the irony of this and the previous post? Regarding the......"presentation" of the home in the previous blog and the fact that the camera can't be found in this blog!!