Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Completely unrelated to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, last weekend my Mom took Paul and his cousin Noah to some ridiculous pirate dinner theatre in Buena Park, the epicentre of local dinner theatre extravaganzas. She's a good Grandma and never gives up on taking the boys to neat events. Which is good, because I have no patience for those sorts of things! Paul came home very happy and excited to tell us about it.

Mom & Dad took Eli as well, so Dan and I got to go on a mini stay-cation. We took the bus to Laguna and just walked around. I should have been studying. We ate vegan tacos (mushroom, mushroom & tofu, and potato) at Taco Loco, which were very tasty indeed. We ate gelato (twice). The watermelon sorbetto was heavenly, but the hazelnut gelatto should only be consumed in small quantities, as it was just too rich. We saw at least three weddings going on along the coast, and we found a secret beach cove that we hadn't known existed. As much as I hate Orange County, living 11 miles from the coast does have its perks. Come down sometime and go to the beach with me.


Stephanie said...

It sounds sooooo nice. When is the best time to come?

Rachel said...

Look for me on a Monday sometime in the near future.

And I can't believe I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day! I like to celebrate it every year with a few pirate jokes and an eye patch.

colleeeen said...

Steph, aside from class on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, almost any time is good.

Rachel, i will attempt to call you and make you keep your word. But poor Susan can tell you what a crappy caller I am. (Susan, I've been meaning to call you. I'm gonna do it right now.)

Beulahboy1 said...

I am always up for the beach. but you are horrible at calling. By the by, I called you last friday to see what was going on but didn't hear back from you. I went to Vegas instead.

Completely off-topic: what are you listening to lately? I know you've mentioned a few things here and there (and you were singing a Hives song last time I was over)but I was curious...


colleeeen said...

I did call Susan! Alas, she was not home. Stephen, i owe you a big fat apology and will do it in person.

I am in a music rut, but trying to get out of it. I bought the new Faint & Ladytron albums - love the F, not so pleased with the L. I splurged on Dustin O'Halloran's piano solo albums, but they are just too sad. Eli objects to them. I bought a David Byrne-compiled Brazilian samba collection, O Samba, at a garage sale and i love it. I also bought a Weezer album there and am very pleased with it as well.

Anonymous said...

I am anonymous from now on as it never can remember my password. I haven't listened to the Ladytron in its entirety yet, but maybe thats a sign.

Also, I need to know what is going on for Saturday. Where to meet, what to wear, what time, and how much moola to bring.

I know, I know, I haven't been able to add the class yet. I hope he'll be understanding and let me in. I get extra credit for it at my school too.


Anonymous said...

You live 11 miles from the coast?!?! I am green with jealousy, you know. Are you nearest to Laguna? I have been away from SoCal for 13 years now and my memory of where certain cities are located is aging like my brain.


colleeeen said...

yes, I am 11 miles from Laguna. it is an incredible perk in this place i am coming to loathe. when are you coming down to CA again?

Anonymous said...


We are going to try and make it down for one of the upcoming holidays. Not sure if it will be Thanksgiving or Christmas. I will definitely keep you posted as I would love to meet up with you!