Monday, September 15, 2008


Please talk me out of cutting my hair. Please.

My hair has changed over the last few years. I thought it was age or pregnancy-related, but now I have decided that I will blame it on my lame-o autoimmune disease. No matter! The issue is that I have hideous hair. It's thin - I have lots of individual hairs, but they are THIN little buggers. It's unruly. It curls at the slightest hint of moisture, but usually in a crazy avant-garde sort of way that i could have pulled off at 25 and blindingly hip, but not at 33 and depressingly frumpy.

I put a temporary dark brown in it because I could no longer stand the dust-bunny brown I was naturally given. It's awful. You know how it looks when a woman "of a certain age" puts dark brown dye over her white hair? It looks kind of like that. It's not cool enough yet for wearing hats every day. All I ever do is ponytail it and pin the sides back. This is the worst part of growing out hair - when it hits that length where it doesn't look good and you can't make it do what you want and have no idea what on earth would look good. Maybe trashy OC Mommy highlights. Bleh.


Stephanie said...

Don't cut it! Just wait a couple of months and you'll be happier.

you can do it!

Susan M said...

I'm not gonna be any help on this one. You should see my sorry head of hair.

I need to call you but I have a phone phobia. I just got two tickets to Calexico on the 29th. You still wanna go?

Beulahboy1 said...

I say shave it!!! I've always loved your skinhead o'connor look. You have the face that can carry it off. Like Elizabeth Taylor, you'll be beautiful even when you're fat and bald!

I'm close to opening my own blog. Close. With only one subscriber (you!)

Ken said...

Too bad the "bedhead" or what I call the "modern comb-over" look isn't in style for women.

If you prefer longer hair, guess you'll just have to tough it out.

Anna's gone prematurly gray, and she just colored it a couple weeks ago. I've got quite a few grays myself, but I'm a shaver, so it's not a big deal.

Sorry I don't have any better advice.

Rachel said...

I also will be no help because I firmly believe that people with thin-ish hair should cut it short, if only for the sake of those of us with monster tumbleweed hair who can't pull it off. And I agree, you have the face to work the really short hair. And I have the face of jealousy right now.

Aunt Christine said...

I'm such a poor observer, I saw you a week ago I can't recall what your hair looks like right now! You do look nice with short hair, but I know that cutting it off will not solve the problem, it will only start the cycle anew.

Such wise advice, from the girl who's hair is in a bun 99% of the time.

courtney said...

umm excuse me I (your fav sister in law) have the TRASHY OC MOMMY HIGHLIGHTS. I am totally kidding I am a misplaced redneck. I mean my kids run around the backyard naked I almost always have something in the front yard and I am always "Y'all get your behind in this house or else". I would totally fit in on some back road trailer park, but then if I was there what would I do with my trashy oc mommy highlights?

I say dye your hair hot pink and get a pixie cut you would look too cute!

Julia Harps said...

do whatever you like! YOu always have the face to pull off any hair style you try.
I especially like your curls and the natural way they make you look even cooler.
I hate my hair and have wished we could trade.
ps. I am older than you and I didn't know it.