Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ninety Percent

means an A on exam #1. I am mucho relieved. The goal for exam #2 is to get the A by a slightly higher margin.

My Pop was over yesterday and I sort of helped him build two 4'x8' raised wooden beds for my winter crops. I'll be using the Esther Deans no-dig straw method (read about it here in the LA Times), so we put the beds on the huge concrete slab in the side yard. Now I just need to get the straw and hay and get ready for fall planting. Mmmm, home-grown lettuce, spinach, and carrots.


Ken said...

I read the article. That does sound pretty easy. Keep us all up to date on how it goes.

Oh, and congrats on the A.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I knew you would do well. How did you get your grade so fast?

And, if you need ANY help with your garden, let me know. I would love to come down and help anytime. And I'll go halfsies on a pig leg if you are willing. It goes against your vegetarian inclinations, but damn you made it sound fun!

Stephanie said...

Yea for A!

I want to come to your house for a salad.

We're actually going to be in Cali on the second weekend in October. It's birthday parties and nephew blessing, but if you happen to be seeing your folks that weekend, I'd love to go to lunch or something.

Love ya!

colleeeen said...

Thank you, ken!

But Stephen, if we're going to make prosciutto, i have to build a cave of some sort to cure it in. i can't do it in my garage. this is the right time of year to do it, though. hmmm. if i can find a nice pasture-raised pig leg, i'd consider it. maybe we could make my chicken coop out of cob - that would be insulative enough. hmm.

Steph, call me or i'll call you.

Anonymous said...

Gah. We are expected to have our first frost this weekend, so that means no more garden for us until next May. I envy that you can grow a garden year-round where you live. I have to resort to a table top (one of those Aero Grow gardens) garden to satisfy my green thumb during the gray and cold months here. Have fun planting and harvesting your garden!


Anonymous said...

Hey Muggins,

Can you please let me know what we are doing next weekend? I've emailed Regis several times and do not think he will be responding anytime soon. An itinerary for the rest of the weekend trips would be great as well. I looked on the college website, but I didn't find a class website or a listing of syllabi.