Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Thrift Store Scores

Every Friday morning, Goodwill changes the 50% off tag color. Being incredibly parsimonious, I am one of the Friday morning regulars. Fifty-cent VHS tapes, cheap books, clothes I can afford to take a gamble on... what's not to love? So, inspired by Ken's regular features, I think I will start a Friday Thrift Store feature.

Today's haul was very small, really. A copy of the Berenstain's Bear Scouts, a soyfoods cookbook, and four videotapes: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Angela Lansbury never looked young, did she?), a Beatrix Potter adaptation, a Thelonious Monk documentary (I have to screen it to make sure it's OK for the boys), and - purely to astonish Paul - an old monster truck video. I should set up the videocamera and tape his reaction to the carnage.


Susan M said...

Haha. Angela Lansbury actually used to be quite the hottie.

colleeeen said...

LOL, and with one of my girlhood crushes, Danny Kaye! I take it back, she actually does look young there. I think what I meant was that once she reached a certain age, she just seemed to stay there. I do love Ange - I must confess i have probably seen every Murder She Wrote. Even the incredibly stupid ones.

Susan M said...

I couldn't believe it the first time I came across her in an old movie. And now you've got me watching Stage Door on youtube! (She's not in it though)

Ken said...

Looks like you have a thing for "Danny"s... Lucky for Dan.

Thanks for the "shout out".

I'm thinking about cutting back on the "Monday Music" post. It always seems to take so long to put that one together. I have to work on making it short and sweet.

I enjoy your blog very much; Thanks for sharing, and keep it up.