Friday, October 31, 2008

Harpy Harloween

In true Colleen tradition, we're not 100% ready! Paul's costume is... close. He is going to be a werewolf, and Eli still can't decide between ghost, skeleton, blue monster, or cat (we have the costumes already, so no sweat). We haven't carved our pumpkins yet - Paul's been sick this week and so we'll have to do it today. I'm not sure what i'll slap together for me; I was thinking 1980's Sunset Strip metalhead (Axl Rose, y'know). Paul wants me to be a vampire, maybe I'll throw in some fangs. Dan lost all his childlike joy a long time ago (I can say that because he never reads my blog) and will not dress up.

My child-free friends, what are you doing for All Hallow's Eve? There are a lot of fun things going on that I long to be able to attend, but that is simply impossible for us for many, many years.

UPDATE: I ended up a Communist, because I have a drab dress that looks like a communist lunch-lady uniform and i also own a Fidel-style cap. Trick-or-Treating kinda stunk - Paul was ready to go home after about 40 minutes, and we got way less visitors this year, so we mostly just watched Nightmare Before Christmas. Did anybody have any fun for Halloween? Anybody?


liannallama said...

oh, you know us child-free folks live the hot,hipster lifestyle, LOL! Let's see--I had a half day and got home from work early. I wisely spent my time cleaning the entertainment center and mantle so I could put up my Halloween Decor (yes--about 2 hours before dark--is that pitiful!)

Then we locked the kittens upstairs (so they wouldn't run outside) and passed out candy to the little darlings that came to our door. I was so tired about 8pm that I wanted to close up shop, but we waited till 9!

I bet you're jealous, huh!

Susan M said...

My kids are all old enough that hubby and I can do what we want. We wanted to find a professional haunted house to go to (there has to be some major ones in LA!) but he has to work today so we couldn't. We just watched a scary movie at home instead.

colleeeen said...

ha ha ha, my fantasies of my friends having fun Halloweens are dashed.

Kimberly said...

Sabrina and I went to a friend's apartment where my girl promptly disappeared into "Video Game Land", and I hung with a bunch of people bent on discussing politics as if all present were equally conservative... Blech. The highlight of my evening was when a very large spider descended from a nearby tree and nearly landed on one of the more vocal members of the event. Fun stuff.

Lee said...

LOL John was a Chinese communist for Halloween! He didn't look very Chinese, but he had the olive-drab hat with a red star. Guess great minds think alike.