Monday, October 27, 2008

Hooray, It's Over!

No, not the election. I wish.

I'm talkin' 'bout the Primary Presentation. Yet another year's over and done! The kids were fine; I would have preferred a bit more enthusiasm but you can't squeeze blood from a stone and so I'm just glad that at least half of them sang. Paul not only didn't sing (he preferred to twiddle his hair and stare slack-jawed at the ceiling), but he also refused to go to the microphone to say his part.

Since I was actually going to be looked at (standing in front of the congregation and leading the singing), I put on some makeup. Eli noticed it during the Sacrament (when we are supposed to be silently meditating) and said loudly, "What's on your eyes?"

I whispered, "Makeup."

"Mango? You have mango on your eyes!?" Eli has no volume control. I'm sure they heard him up on the podium.

"Shh. I said makeup."

A minute passes. "You shouldn't put mango on your eyes!"

"Shh. It's makeup."

Another minute passes. "Can I have mango on my eyes?"

After the program was over, we went to the Primary room and sort of did our normal routine, but with a "party" (term used VERY loosely) at the end. The kids had been promised that i would play the guitar for them, which I did. I played "If the Savior Stood Beside Me," "Tell me the Stories of Jesus," "Popcorn Poppin'," and "Once There Was a Snowman." The older children insisted that even with my guitar I still had to melt down to the floor, so I did, which was un poquito challenging. I ended up in a classic guitar-solo shredder pose. Once I am released as Chorister, I will join an all-mom hair metal band.


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, mango on the eyes... I think I lost it. At school on picture day, a large portion of my class verbalized their not so subtle support or disdain at my curiously sudden decision to alter my face with makeup. The comments could easily be matched to the gender of the speaker. Boys' comments went something like, "What's that stuff on your face Ms. S***G?" Girls' comments were more, " Ooh, Ms. S***G I like your lips because they're sparkly."

Rachel said...

I LOVE the primary program. We had ours on Sunday and I was playing the organ that day so I ended up sitting up on the stand in the caos. It was awesome.

Ken said...

When I first saw that picture on this post, it looked like those guys were conjoined twins, and I was about to become a fan...
But that's not the case.