Monday, October 13, 2008

Santa Ana!

They are here - the Santa Anas. Winds hit 83 mph last night in Fremont Canyon (but only around 50 mph down here), and they woke us up around 4:30 this morning. Our patio umbrella is nowhere to be seen, our easy-up canopy is in the front yard of the empty house next door, and my pea trellises were knocked over. Amazingly, the tarps I have covering part of the front yard (I'm amending the soil and don't want it to dry out) are still there, although they were flapping a bit.

I need to do a big post on the front yard. I have ripped and dug out about 3-4 inches of weeds and crabgrass, dug out the buried stone pavers, and have amended the top few inches with decomposed sawdust and horse manure. Once I get the stones laid back down, I'll start scattering wildflower seeds. California poppies, yellow lupine, mexican primrose... I am a little bit paralyzed aboput the flower layout, but even if i make a mess of it it will still look eons better than it ever did before.

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liannallama said...

Oh, goodness--should I call you Christo with your umbrellas flying? I HATE these darn winds--I stayed locked up inside my bubble for 2 days and I can barely breathe or see because of my red watering eyes. Hope they end soon!