Monday, October 06, 2008

Worried About You

Now that the joke of a bailout has passed and the Dow is still going down a rabbit hole, I'm getting mildly worried. In truth, my insomnia is back. We are assessing our accounts and trying to determine how much risk we are facing. We rolled Dan's old 401(k) into an indexed fund earlier this year, so provided whoever is holding our funds doesn't go belly-up we won't lose any money. My funds, which I should have indexed this year, have probably dropped by 25% or more. I'm not sure I want to know, but I should haul my rump in to our financial guru to try to stop the bleeding as best we can. Our credit union seems solid and our main bank, Wells Fargo, is angling to acquire Wachovia so we hope that means they are solid. We have always been very conservative with our money and I hope that leaves us on solid ground.

Most of you, my friends, are young enough that we can probably weather this storm without hideous long-term damage. We may take heavy hits, but we may come out at the end OK. I'm worried about my Mom, who is paid by our almost bankrupt state - did you hear we could use a loan of about 7 billion dollars? Plus Dad is on disability. Plus Adam works for the DMV (no hissing, please!). Dan and I seriously talked last night about finding a 4-bedroom house to rent, partly because I am really strongly feeling like we need to add another kid into the mix and partly because I am very concerned that we may need to absorb some family members at some point in the next year.

What about y'all? Getting nervous? Thinking maybe your food storage isn't quite up to snuff? We just placed a big order.


Ken said...

I suggest trying to get knocked up before you have any family members living with you. That way you don't have to worry about them hearing you.

(Sorry, that's probably not the type of comment you were hoping to get. But I thought it might be better than saying "I bet Dan doesn't mind the 'trying to get pregnant' part.")

*Anna would be rolling her eyes at me and slugging me in the arm for those.*

Stephanie said...

I'm really glad our food storage is up to snuff seeing as how our dollar is going to be worth very little pretty soon and we won't be able to eat money.

I'm hoping our 401Ks are safe - I didn't even think about that.

We should weather through everything alright. John at least has job security, which I'm banking on for at least the next couple of years.

It's scary.

colleeeen said...

nah, kid #3 will be adopted. i ain't makin' no more babies. as for the overhearing - we'll just hand out earplugs when they move in. and i like how you managed to work both jokes into your comment anyway.

courtney said...

ha ha ha!! I like the ear plugs comment. that would be a totally awkward moment!!! I am worried about our 401k also it has dropped soooooo much in the last few months. I too am VERY WORRIED about your mom and dad. she is just looks so sad and odown all the time I wish I knew a wayt to help her.

Rachel said...

If you're serious about the adoption I have a friend who has done it 9 times (seriously) and she could probably be a huge resource for you. She would love to help.

What I'm worried about is that everyone is worried. I hate this feeling of anxiety in the air. I know that it is serious but it scares me more when people act rashly out of fear.

Kimberly said...

I'm feeling you totally on the whole CA budget crunch too. Your mom is pretty solid in her job though isn't she- tenure-wise?Isn't she a special ed. teacher or something like that? I'm just waiting for our district to say that we've got no more money and need to move kids from the 20 to 1 ratio of student to teacher back to 34 to 1 in the Kinder to 3rd grades. That would save the district a heck of a lot of money, but it would cut out a ton of jobs. I worry about my parents too- they rely on mostly my mom's hard earned state retirement funds, which I hope will still exist after this lovely roller coaster ride.