Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bad Homesteader, Bad!

So it's raining tonight, which is part of why I'm blogging at 2:30 in the morning. The other part is this weird arthritis-y type hip joint pain I've been having lately. Did you know I have congenitally defective hip sockets? Biology is fun.

Back to the rain. I have all the parts I needed to fix the gutters and funnel rain water into a storage barrel, but did I ever get around to installing them? Nope. Seriously, if our lives actually depended on my homesteading skills, we would be so dead. My native seeds have just begun to germinate, but I'm worried this storm could wipe them out - it's typical SoCal rain, hard and heavy. Of course, that's nothing compared to the people who are wondering if their houses will be wiped away by mudslides tonight. When I drove through the hills on the 57 during the fires, it was like driving into Armageddon with the Killers as my soundtrack. Between the smoke and the raging Santa Ana winds it was like a music video. Highly surreal.

The sugar snap peas have begun to form pods, and the first fava bean seedling has poked out of the ground. I think I will plant more of them. The regular peas are doing poorly and I will probably have to plant a new crop at the end of January. My lettuces are healthy but sloooooow growing, I know we are heading into the low-grow part of the year so I guess I'm not too surprised. All my native & drought tolerant stuff is going dormant which makes the backyard look even more sad. I just have to keep telling myself "It will look awesome next summer, it will look awesome next summer." Unless my super heavy clay soil kills everything first!

Oh yes, college. By the time I was permitted to register, all sections of human biochem were filled up. Now I am in a dither, because I really wanted to get a better grip on chemistry before I tackle Anatomy. I have emailed the professor to ask if there are plans to add any more courses, but have no response just yet. I know everything will work out - it always does - but right now the next step hasn't come to me yet.


Stephanie said...

Not bad - just busy.

Can't wait to hear what you do with your snaps. Wish I was closer so I could glean some yumminess.

Love you bunches.

colleeeen said...

the snaps will mostly all be stir-fried. if you were closer i would have had you in eggplant all summer and fall.

and in the small miracles department, there was one open seat in the chem class this morning, so i was able to add it. amazing.

Stephanie said...

ohhhhh. I would have made grilled, garlicky, smokey baba ghanoosh every day.


Yea for the Chemistry class!

liannallama said...

Hope you get your class! Someone is bound to drop it and make room for you!--oh--I just saw your comment! YAAYYY for you!

Here's a cool site I thought you would like. They alter thriftstore finds. My friend made this crocheted blouse:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your class! I was supposed to register at some point, but have not been notified about anything as of yet. I think everyone else in the school has registered and that I was supposed to go first (I have enough units for two degrees, I'm surprised I don't have a building named after me!)but who knows how i got overlooked.

I have some exciting news. I believe I am moving to Wisconsin and going to live with Kelly for a short time. NOthing 100%, but it looks like a viable option. i am not an engineer.

I am in way over my head, and I am desperately unhappy in my living situation (and everything else!). I know leaving it all behind isn't the answer necessarily, but it will allow me to regroup and have a little independence again.

This house is a bloodsucker.