Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Como Una Abeja

Like a busy, busy bee! Only online tonight to see if I can register for the Spring semester yet (no, I can't until next Monday).

Summations: Human Biochemistry next semester (if I can get in the class). More exams coming up, semester over in 5 weeks. Hope I don't screw up my A. Saw a play with Stephen on Saturday night, got stuck in Chino because the fires closed the freeways, had to sleep at Mom & Pop's.

Finally sowed the seeds for the wildflower/native grass front yard. Sweet pea seedlings also in front yard, climbing old branches, hope they will bloom by Christmas. Got all the sugar snap seedlings planted, fava beans planted, transplanting peas, waging war on the caterpillars gorging themselves on my lettuce! Killed 10+ today alone. Larkspur, nasturtium, Mrs. Scott Elliott columbine, poppies and strawberries in the courtyard garden. Bought a matilija poppy and an indian mallow, will probably grow in large pots in backyard.

Bad mom - Paul's school reports not so good. Have to get my you-know-what together and be a more self-disciplined adult. Huge self-hatred cycle starting there. Thanksgiving creeping up, may go north to see Dad's side of the family. Going to ride the Polar Express next month with my mother, Paul, Eli and their cousin Noah. Trying to suppress the horror of it all. Reason I'm going is Dad will start chemotherapy soon and will not be able to travel. Trying to suppress that horror, too.

Christmas Eve in San Clemente. Christmas day, who knows? Going to Yosemite for 4 days after Christmas - Dan's new overlords give the whole Christmas-New Year's week off.

Formed two "escape" plans for if the economy really goes to hell. #1 is hike the Pacific Crest Trail for 6 months. #2 is go see Don and Lee in China (Don's blog is really funny, hint hint) - if we have to live off our savings, may as well do it someplace interesting and cheap.

OK, piles of laundry and diagrams of cellular respiration to get to!


Rachel said...

One of these days I'm going to return your phone call and come see you and your garden. It sounds kind of magical. Poppies and sweet peas are my favorites.

courtney said...

would you please come and help[ me plan my garden I have this huge dirt patch and I would love to do something with it but I am totally clueless when it comes to that stuff! By the way you need to come and hang out sometime soon we all miss you.

Julia Harps said...

someday I will have a yard and have you help me. gardening seems so theraputic.
you are a great mom. self hatred stinks. I get it too.

Stephanie said...

Paul is going to do great. Don't worry.

colleeeen said...

R, it is not magical yet - for now, the white trashery overwhelms any magic that might be there. But you are welcome to return that call anytime. it would be joyously received, as the life of at-home mommies gets overwhelmingly lonely sometimes.

C, read that book I gave you. Then we'll plan. I have seeds coming out my ears and plenty to share.

J, if you'll put us up we'll go to Virginia or wherever you end up and help you garden. ;)

S & J, thanks. i really struggle with self-loathing and of course put 100% of the blame on myself for anything that goes wrong with the kids. blech.

Kimberly said...

You are a great mom, always seeking the next adventure, enriching your kids' lives. Grades don't really matter all that much until high school anyway. If he's capable, he just needs a little push, maybe some backpack monitoring or teacher communication- that's all. I feel you though. My girl goes all day being taught and then I have to spend several hours after that teaching her all over again because her working memory is so affected by her attention issues. It can be exhausting, especially when a child insists that only THEIR teacher knows how to do something. Mommy guilt is the worst.

The Arizona Anachronism said...

It is easy to be funny when life hands you such rich material. Your constant supportiveness is really appreciated. Keep your China guidebook ready....