Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dear Senator McCain

As I watched you give your gracious, gracious concession speech last night, I felt great sorrow for you. I actually cried a little bit for you. To have your white house aspirations destroyed twice by George W. Bush must be a bitter pill, indeed. I voted for you in the 2000 primaries, and I knew the GOP made a huge mistake in not selecting you back then. I believe that even more now. I don't necessarily think that you would have saved us from all of the disasters that we're suffering now, particularly given the spending and economic policies you have supported, but I do believe you wouldn't have come up with the harebrained idea to invade Iraq - and what a different country we would be now just without that problem.

I know you are a good man. I know your running mate, Gov. Palin, is a good woman. Boy, she got whipped in the press, and she impressed me with her ability to be brave through it all. I do genuinely believe it was sexist. But all that aside, at this time, in this place, I just didn't think your direction was the right one to choose. You had a hard race to run, carrying the last 8 years on your backs. Gov. Palin didn't seem quite ready for the national stage (but give her a few years and who knows?). You fought as hard as you could, but man, did you have a harder course to run. I think you did make some mistakes, but they were amplified by the sheer magnitude of the hurdles you faced.

I know you won't fade quietly into the night. You're not that kind of man. Now that the fighting and the mud-slinging is over, I hope both sides can make peace and work together to take the tarnish off of our nation, to begin digging us out of the massive hole of debt we've dug ourselves into. Neither you nor your opponent ever showed any sense of realism about how massive our problems truly are, and realism is what we need now, not candy-coating and pandering (which you and Senator Obama were both guilty of). Let's all get to work and do this thing.

-your fellow American


Rachel said...

Go Team!

That was really one of the loveliest consession speeches I've ever heard.

samandholly said...

I was talking to my sister Laura this morning and we both thought that had John McCain run a campaign like he gave that speech, we may have voted for him... It was an excellent speech. It's just too bad that it came a year too late to help!

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

Very well said, I agree w/ most of what you wrote, but I'm preparing for hell, my business to struggle, my new business to perhaps not be able to open. I'm at least glad we're in the 3rd most recession-proof city in the USA. I'm usually an optimist, but I've experienced what happened in Cali. and I left it, now I see it coming to the whole country, because it's the same policies, and there is nowhere else to go. : (