Monday, November 10, 2008

My Date With Stephen

Last Friday, Stephen and I finally had another date. Dan was supposed to go on a Boy Scout overnighter, but instead had to work half the night. I had a horticulture lecture in Claremont Saturday morning (at the wonderful Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden), so I stayed at Mom & Pop's on Friday night and Stephen and I got to go out. We went to the Claremont Village, which has become much more developed since I used to work at KSPC. So much for the small-town college feel!

We mostly just walked around. We took a confusing detour into a store called Bath Junkie, where Stephen played with the staff's head and despaired for the younger generation, while I think I was very clumsily hit on by a 22-year-old. I was either being mocked or I am now in the cougar phase of life. I'm still not sure. I guess we both ended up lamenting the young. We are so old.

We went into Rhino Records - oh, all my California expat friends, remember Rhino? The used CD racks, the vinyl in the back, the hand-lettered sale signs. I talked Stephen out of buying everything he wanted, but he couldn't talk me out of buying the CD he picked out for me - "The Greatest" by Cat Power. He told me the title track was a perfect song; how I could I pass by a recommendation like that. He was right, listen to it here (sorry, it's a very silly fan video). I don't love the whole album, but I do love cat Power and there are some really great songs. My favorites besides The Greatest are Hate, Lived In Bars, and Love & Communication.

Who wants to teach me how to embed YouTube videos? I am a bit of an idiot.


Kimberly said...

Love that Cat Powers music... never heard it before. It always boggles my mind how much good music is out there left to be discovered.

I do remember Rhino Records... and I think Hot Rocks in Covina. I would look for all versions of every Cure import, bootlegs, and live versions they had out there back in the day. I followed that up with my Tori Amos phase. How truly laughable my past is to me now.

That said, I don't think cougar phase actually starts until your
50's- and then, only if you're wearing animal print or velour track suits, go weekly to have a tan applied, have been through too many plastic procedures, and use a spackle knife to apply makeup.

People who age gracefully will never be cougars.

Ken said...

Digging the cat Power. Never heard of them/her before.

To embed the video: In the little window where you type your post there are two tabs. One says html code. You'll need to open that tab. Copy the code you want to embed, then paste it into the blog window. You can continue to type your entry while in the html window, or you can switch back and forth.

That's a very simplified explanation. If you don't figure it out from that, let me know, and I can detail it out a bit more.

Happy embedding!

Susan M said...

Cat Power rules. My favorite song of hers is Good Woman.

Have you been to Amoeba music in Hollywood? Gigantic indie record store.

Anonymous said...

Yes! that song is the greatest!! i love it and am so glad that you are enjoying it as well.

The Bath Junkie experience was so strange and confusing I don't think it translated as well as the actual experience. I don;t think anyone could have understood unless they actually lived it.

Kimberly, Hot Rocks used to be the best store! It is a travesty of a little shop now on the opposite corner from where it used to be (if its even there anymore. the last i went was 3 or so years ago and thougth "never again")

so sad how some things end. I bought Siouxsie and the Banshees 'Kiss them for me" on 12", 12" gatefold sleeve, and cd single. i remember the excitement of those days and unwrapping th plastic to feel the vinyl. The JOY of music is gone now with the advent of mp3, but the portability and convenience is unparallelled (sp?).

I'm Stephen by the way. it never remembers my ID on here so I choose to be anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

Rhino Records was the best! I used to spend hours wishing I had the money to buy all The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and Cure imports my little heart could desire. Like you, I feel so old. Do they even have vinyl in that store anymore? Those certainly were the days, weren't they?