Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday Garage Sale Score

Shaking things up this week.

A fun morning of garage-sale-ing. Two silk scarves, an uncoated aluminum roasting pan, a few top-secret Christmas gifts, a gigantic pot that I will drill a hole in the bottom of and turn into a planter, some decorative items, shoes for Dan, a forged-head hammer and a rather large rubber mallet (I use rubber mallets a lot and have been wanting a bigger one for a while), some drill bits.

We drove up to Chino again because my SIL Courtney and her kids were there, and drove the herd up to the Rancho Santa Ana gardens again. Even my parents came, which was awesome. We had a great time despite the inevitable tantrums and fits that come along with such a venture. Then we had dinner, went back to Mom & Pop's and just hung out. I should have called Stephen or Sam, since we were up there. I am lame.


Stephanie said...

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you going to be in Chino? We need to get together if you are.
I'll be there from Thursday until Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I even called you, too. Oh, but at the home number. then i remembered you were gonna go camping. This weekend has been lazy and dull and so uneventful.

Truthfully, I would have been crappy company. but thanks for the (after)thought lol.

oh, and I ate at that kebab place in Riverside (Majd wanted to eat there) and he had what I had last time and loved it. We had the humus as well, good, but lots of garlic, not the best date food lol. a little too smelly...

Marque and Sarah said...

Next time you see your dad, tell him I said hello!