Monday, December 01, 2008

There Is No Time


We went to Sacramento for Thanksgiving. My Dad has two brothers up there and I don't get to see them, my aunts and my cousins often enough. We stayed at my cousin Rachelle's beautiful home and my kidlets played with hers (and I think Paul is in 6-year-old love with his 2nd cousin Emma).

Got home on Sunday with one hour to go until church. Started a bath for the boys, but no hot water and no hot water and no hot water and... oh my gosh, the water heater! I knew it must have finally died, so I dashed to the garage and sure enough, water was slowly running down the floor and pooling against the garage door. It's not as bad as it could have been; only a few things were damaged. There's a wool rug I had on the floor in front of the washer & dryer and it's pretty much ruined - the colors bled all over. We had warned Mr. Landlord several times about the heater and were about to complain again.

So now our food storage is stacked in front of the fireplace, which kind of wrecked my Family Home Evening plans for hanging up the stockings and decorating the mantel. There's more stuff on the living room floor, and stuff under the front eaves of the house. The garage is full of fans and dehumidifiers runnning 24/7. We had to clear some stuff out of the garage cabinets so the plumbers could drill holes in the bottoms to let them dry out.

To top it all of, I have another Biology Exam tomorrow, and then a lab exam on Thursday. I'm glad I studied on the trip and didn't put it off until the last minute!


Stephanie said...

oh no!

So sorry to hear about your water troubles.

I hope your landlord listens to you now.

Kimberly said...

Bad Mr. Landlord. I hope it dries quickly.