Saturday, December 27, 2008

Titles are passe, anyway.

Dad: Still in the hospital. Pain keeps coming back, and when the pain comes back they want to keep him. Mom tells him to fake it if he wants to come home. I keep sticking my head in the sand. There are conversations that have to be had, and I'm not looking forward to them. His hospital bed has been delivered to the house and I think everything is ready for him to come home. I will buy him a Wii for his room if it he will be able to play it. I just don't want him to get bored and lonely at those times when nobody can be with him.

Garden: Slow. Two poppies have been threatening to bloom but they are just teases so far. Four sweet pea blossoms in the front yard, lots of wildflower plants now but not so much as a flower bud yet. My lettuces and greens survived all the rain (I was afraid they would rot) and seem quite happy. I have not prepared the carrot/root bed that I would like to (I just have not been in my right mind since Dad went into the hospital). The backyard is flush with a new crop of weed seedlings - time for my magical hoe to get to work again! The sugar snap peas all died, I'm not sure why. I need to get my list of January tasks and seeds put together.

Christmas: I spent most of Christmas Eve night with Pop in the hospital. Christmas Day we went to San Clemente; Dan's parents have a timeshare condo there and they booked the nicest one for Christmas week. The ocean view was incredible and we got to watch a storm blow in, shaking the trees and the windows. The Kinnick half of the family is going to try for a second Christmas on New Year's Eve (Mom's birthday); hopefully Dad will be home by then. My cousin Rachelle and her family will be arriving today. They were supposed to stay at our house while we were up in Yosemite, but of course all that's out the window now.

How were your holidays? tell me everything.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Colleen. (Hugs!!!) I am so sorry about your pops. My dad has a less invasive form of cancer as well, so I can empathize to a certain extent how you must be feeling at this time. My father still has his health for the most part, but in my opinion, his doctors have all been incompetent thus far in his care. So, we still have no idea if this cancer he has will end up killing him, or not. It's one big waiting game, and it really sucks, as I am sure you know. Our Christmas was so very nice! It was a white one, and luckily dad was feeling well enough to make the trip here in Utah, but it was hard seeing him in so much pain. But, dad was in great spirits and had never experienced a white Christmas, so it was nice that he was able to have that.

I wish you and yours the very best, and am wishing you the needed strength for the upcoming months.

Love and Peace,


Anonymous said...

P.S. Cancer is evil, and it sucks. I know this from working with cancer patients, and with my own experience with my pops. Hang in there, darlin'.


Eva Jane said...

geez. sorry to hear about your pop.
P.S. this is Julia Harps

Stephanie said...

Love to you! I updated my blog for you - just so you can read something fun. I loved hearing from you - hang in there!

Kimberly said...

My mom and your mom have the same birthday. I was just reminded to call her and wish her a happy one after reading your blog. I hope your dad's pain gives him a break. I don't know which would be worse- being in the hospital and having the pain treated or dealing with pain at home. I hope you have those dreaded conversations soon so that you can breath a sigh of relief when they are done, and just enjoy the time you have with your dad.
Sabrina and I spent Christmas across the street from Temple Square in Salt Lake. My parents (on a mission there) asked us to fly in, but with the prices the way they were, and gas being a relative bargain, we drove in. Sabrina loved the snow- even to the point of almost refusing to go back to the car despite symptoms of hypothermia when she went sledding. When she wanted to take a nap- that's when I hauled her back. I decided that fresh snow in a city atmosphere is lovely- but snow in the mountains seems much more fitting.
This was the first year minus Sabrina's belief in Santa, so it was a little bitter sweet. She was lamenting that there would be no surprises but was happily convinced otherwise that morning when she'd believed that she'd already had her fill of early presents. Now we're back and doing a low key New Year's celebration. Tomorrow will be (hopefully) our version of a spring cleaning. My parent's house is in a shambles because I've ignored housekeeping so long, so I need to get back on that horse. Anyway, I hope your night is lovely and your second go at Christmas is blessed and peaceful for everyone involved.
Sending you happy thoughts,