Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hee-hee, we are all fine. Mom, in Chino, said it was an E-ticket ride. Their phones have been out, but otherwise not much fuss to report on. The boys' first real shaker!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

With my tail between my legs...

I crawled back to California. Given the Suburban's absolute gutlessness on uphills, at times it literally felt like a crawl. On the way home, the taillight wiring decided to go funny, so every time I turned on the headlights, the fuse would blow. There was no way I could fix it, so I bought reflective stickers for the back of the car in case I got caught driving after dark.

Montana was great, although like all vacations with children it was really just doing most of the same chores I do at home, although with a MUCH better view. We canoed and swam and played fetch with random dogs. I'll have pictures up here in a day or two.

The vegetable garden mostly did well in my absence. I wish somebody had eaten some of the tomatoes; a lot have already gone to waste. I picked at least eight gigantic hornworms off of them while pruning this morning. They boys are so hard up for pets that they have put the hideous things in the terrarium and are feeding them the pruned tomato branches. I have a crop of yellow pear tomatoes in the dehydrator right now, and a basket full of Sun Golds that may mostly have to be chucked out because they are waaaay over-ripe. We had one comically huge patty-pan squash and a few normal-sized ones. Some of the corn is looking awesome, but most of it is dying. It's my fault for taking too long to plant most of it. the pepper plants are a mystery - they have not grown at all and are producing miniature peppers.

I will give a more complete narrative of the several comical events that occurred during our little adventure. I just wanted to toss up a note and let anybody who cares know that we are home.