Friday, January 23, 2009


Eli has it in one eye. Paul has it in both. My friend Jennie brought over 4 of her kids today to help me catch up on all the housecleaning that's been neglected for waaaay too long. I knew Eli's eye was a little cruddy today, but I didn't realize it was infected. Oh, I hope we don't repay Jennie by giving her kids pinkeye.

I want to take my mom on a vacation, just me and her. I was thinking coast train to Santa Barbara or San Diego, or maybe just a weekend in Los Angeles at a really nice hotel, we could go to museums and nice restaurants and maybe see a play. I am open to suggestions for alternatives. Any ideas for me?


Ken said...

A weekend cruise to Ensenada!

Those are awesome!

It's only a few days, but it feels like a whole week.

They'll usually have an art exibit/auction on the cruise as well, for those who like a little culture and refinement. Or just enjoy the ocean view and fresh air on the top deck. It's all good.

Stephanie said...

I like the cruise idea, too. There are several that leave out of LA harbor. You can get great deals on them right now because it's not "cruising" season.

The Arizona Anachronism said...


liannallama said...

sorry about the whole pink-eye thing--what a pain!

As far as a trip, I would love a couple of days in Pasadena. There's some cute shops in old towne (well, there used to be--it is slowly being over-run with corporate stores so I hope some of the boutiques are left!) and it is right by the Norton Simon--my favorite museum of all. There are tons of great restaurants and you can take a short drive to the Huntington Library or a longer drive to Descanso Gardens in La Canada if it's a nice day. I hope you do go somewhere and I hope you relax and enjoy yourselves.

Kimberly said...

I'm really fond of Pala Spa/Resort/Casino. I'm not big on gambling (20 dollars entertains me for a full evening) but it has beautiful rooms with bathrooms that have a separate tub and steam shower. They have toiletries from Crabtree and Evelyn. There is a lovely Spa on grounds that offers all the treatments you might want. The location is close enough to do a day trip to San Diego or Julien (cute mountain town with country themed shops and great apple pie) and the drive there is lovely. It is in a fairly underdeveloped area with pretty mountain and valley views. They have live music nightly (the quality of which I can not always vouch for). The food is good and reasonably priced. The only drawback- smoking people.

There's also a pretty place we've stayed at in Solvang that was relatively new and they offered spa treatments. We didn't really look into those too much because we were just staying for the night as a respite from camping along the coast. I can get the name for you if you want. I'm really fond of Santa Barbara and the nearby coastal towns.