Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have a Headache

The Avocado House is now back from the dead. The little apartment underneath the deck has an un-permitted kitchen. I am not sure if the entire deck is un-permitted, or just the living space underneath it. arrrgh arrrgh arrrgh. I will be calling the county code enforcement folks on Monday to see what exactly the county can do about getting it approved.

I do not know what to do. Be afraid, keep my money, stay renting? Take a gamble on my dream house priced at circa-year-2000 levels, but then be terrified that Dan will lose his job? Dan is gone on some $#@% Boy Scout trip today. I need to go put on Pride & Prejudice and clean the house and not think about this right now.


Kimberly said...

When in doubt, pray. Isn't that what we've always heard? I don't know how thin the ice is at Dan's job. I doubt he even knows. If he's in the financial department, maybe he has an idea. I keep hearing that homes are a great investment right now, at their best pricing... post bursted bubble and all that. Houses are a risk, but a risk isn't always the same thing as a gamble. Maybe once you've got a firm savings established that won't be touched to purchase the house it may be the right time. I've been looking at info like that and keep hearing a 6 month cushion is ideal.

Good luck.

Stephanie said...

Good luck. The house is beautiful, but it's not worth your sanity. You will be fine either way.

I know that is a really lame answer, but I really think whatever decision you make will be the right one.

Ken said...

I echo some of the previous comments:
interest rates are low, housing prices are way down (though a highly motivated seller is best for those lower offers), and if you plan to be there long term, and can ride out the recesion, all the markets will turn and you'll be sitting pretty.
Trusting in yourself to make the best decision is stressful though, no doubt.
For us, we made our decision, asked to be blessed, and accepted that what ever happens was suppose to happen. Then pray for the strength to handle it all.
(my $.02)