Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sick of it All

Remember that song? I'm feeling that today.

I'm sick of real estate shenanigans. I'm sick of Orange County. And I'm just plain sick - coughing up nasty things and my whole face hurts. We are resubmitting our offer today. $360k, as is, 10% down. Half of me hopes they say no again.

There's a property further up the canyon that's significantly cheaper - asking $169k and it's been listed for 105 days. There must be something wrong with it, I suspect there may be a right-of-way through the property. It's also smaller by almost 800 square feet, BUT that would make a mortgage of only $730 a month, plus property taxes of $1700 or so a year. The lot is big, but I wonder about the right of way and how much is actually usable.

There's also a half-acre property down the street from my Aunt Patty in Ontario. It has two houses that allegedly rent for $1600 and $800. The asking price is $265k, but I would lowball. Then in 5 years or so we could leave OC. bleargh, i don't know what to do.


Anonymous said...

ontario it is. christine can live (and pay rent)in the $800 and you can rent out the $1600 until you are ready to move...or i can rent the $800. up to you.

colleeeen said...

anonymous, who the heck are you? i am assuming you are one of my relatives.

Robb, Rhonda and girls said...

Yes I do remember that song. I've been wondering for years who it is by, do you know? They had another song or two I liked as well. Aaahh, the 90s!