Friday, February 13, 2009

hippy barfday

So my birthday happened to occur this week. It really just cements that i am turning into a horrible, desperately cranky old woman. some notable things that occurred on my birthday:

1. I threatened to climb Mt. Baden-Powell and urinate on the monument at the top.
2. I referred to drivers at my college as "S.O.B's." I said the acronym, not the real phrase, but as Frank Barone once said, "You can say 'heck' all you want, He knows you mean 'Hell'!"
3. I spent 5 hours studying chemistry.
4. My friend Julia, who is a nicer friend than I deserve, watched the boys for me so Dan could take me out to dinner.
4. I had a lovely dinner at the Old Vine Cafe and ate a vegan cupcake from Native Foods.
5. I received two birthday cards in the mail, and 4 happy birthday text messages (One was a video of my 2-year-old niece Brooklyn saying "Happy Birthday Aunt Colleen"). It's like i'm 16 years old.

I got chocolate, bath salts, and a cd/ipod-dock alarm clock radio. The chocolate and bath salts were right on target, but the radio was not quite right and will get returned. Instead I will buy myself a hand hoe, because gardening has taken over my life. I sowed half the backyard with native California grass seeds yesterday and hopefully will get the other half sown today. I have been skipping the gym lately (their babysitting times just don't work for me right now) but because of all the gardening I have been getting a good upper body workout at home.


Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From one cranky old woman to another.

Ken said...

Happy (late) Birthday from me too.

stephaniestempinski said...

Happy, happy birthday Colleen dear. I sure do love you!

Lora and Carl said...

Happy Birthday! from an older man and a MUCH older woman, and for the record, I think S.O.B. is acceptable, less annoying than say, "frick"...hate that one...

Lora and Carl

Julia Harps said...

sounds like it was a good day and I am glad. You deserve one! actually you deserve a lot of good days.

Anonymous said...

i was on hand to witness two of your barf-day highlights and might i add that you handled it with aplomb and cranky old woman did i witness. I've eaten at native foods before and it was yummy although i never tried a baked good...very interested in doing so. how was the cupcake?


Kimberly said...

happy birthday... as belated as my greeting is, I sincerely hope you have a wonderful year.

colleeeen said...

thanks, everybody.

the cupcake was pretty yummy. the icing was sweetened with maple and the cake itself was only very lightly sweet. it was one of those rare times when the frosting actually served a purpose other than to just add 8000 calories.