Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Man That Cleans

I was going to title this "Eli- somethingorother," but it turns out that I cannot, because Eli has changed his name again.

First Name: The Man That Cleans
Middle Name: The Man That Combs His Hair
Last Name: The Man That Goes Up The Stairs

Since that is quite a mouthful, I have been calling him The Man That Cleans today. TMTC changes his name all the time, depending on what we're doing. I was cleaning this morning (I know! What am I, drunk?) and he followed after me and sprayed water on whatever I had just scrubbed. Then he licked the clean mirror. Ah, children.

He's been wandering around the house making up songs about whatever he thinks of - today's songs have been about the anatomical differences between girls and boys, R2D2 (who Eli calls "tootie-too"), his mean mama who won't let him drink Dr. Pepper. I always, always blog with E on my lap. Right now he is laying on my right arm, which makes typing a creative endeavor. Then he starts kicking the desk, at which point I usually flip him over and set him on the floor. Right now he's crying, because I did just that.

We got a little rain just now and we are allegedly going to get more. The clouds do look very promising, but with my generally bad outlook on life right now I refuse to accept any good tidings until they are actually fulfilled. "I'll believe it when I see it" is my mantra.

I put in a new crop of snow peas today. They're a little late, but I'm hoping February is a cooler month than January. January sucked in every possible way. The last time I planted peas, the boys went in after me and planted a different variety of peas on top of them. So the peas I have growing right now are a mix of shell and snow peas. It makes harvesting very difficult, because I am never sure if it's a snow pea that's ready to go or a shell pea that just hasn't plumped out yet.

I need to get some lettuce and cabbage seeds in and be hopeful. Again, should have planted them in January. The heat made all my other lettuces bolt. Sigh. I have one orange poppy in the courtyard and some good strong larkspur plants starting to really grow. The front yard is starting to get exciting; I have my first official wildflower blooms and I don't even know what the heck they are! My winter tomatoes look awful and the one I managed to pick (Eli thought it would be fun to pluck some off and stomp on them) tasted horrible. But I noticed a tomato seedling starting to grow out of the compost pile - when I dug up last summer's plants they still had a few overripe tomatoes on them, and now I have a semi-mystery tomato seedling!

February is the time to get seedlings started indoors. I will only be doing tomatoes, peppers and eggplants indoors this year. last year I was WAY too ambitious and it was a mess.


Lora and Carl said...

I'd love to see a picture of your growing things--I'm a wannabe gardener!

The Batman Irwin Family said...

Hey how are you all doing? We need to do better in keeping touch. Cool Blogg.

Kimberly said...

The man that cleans is a funny boy and is very creative. He must be related to you.