Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Happiness

The purple crocuses in the front yard are blooming. I planted them between the stepping stones. They look lovely. We are hopefully going to get rain on Friday & Saturday.

Eli is 90% potty trained. He may regress, but he is doing marvelously. It's extremely stupid of me, but I get a little weepy that he's really not a baby anymore.

I no longer feel that I am on my deathbed. The coughing has settled down quite a bit.

I got a free chair today (it was out on the sidewalk). It makes me think of a throne.

Paul has his first piano lesson tomorrow. He is performing one of his original compositions right now. He is fond of dramatic repetition and separates his songs into sad and happy parts. He may turn out to have no talent whatsoever in the eyes of the world, but I think he's fabulous.

But now I have to get back to catching up on Chemistry. I missed both of my classes this week while I was pretending to die.


Julia Harps said...

I love your post. Yu
are cool and you looked stunning in your red dress today. Paul is fabulous.

liannallama said...

oh, there's nothing like a beautiful crocus to make a day brighter! Glad you are starting to feel better--take it easy so it doesn't come back!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad your crocus has made you happy. I'm glad you are no longer dying. I'm glad Eli is getting the hang of eliminating in the toilet.

Your post made me happy.

Love you

colleeeen said...

Julia, you are too kind. i was admiring your yellow shirt and your perfectly straight hair.

LLL & Steph, thank you. i plan on sleeping a lot.

love you all.

Lora and Carl said...

Your post made me happy, too, like all is well in the world. Thanks for your word looks nice hanging on the walls of my mind.